Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can Animals Go With Out Food?

Most animals common eat at summer then don’t eat for a while. But snakes Eats at summer but when Winter turn up. The snakes would curl up and sleep for mouth.

In winter the snakes would have a period of rest, The food that was stored in side the snakes. It would turn in to fat. As they are still sleeping they would use it up in the winter time when they are still sleeping.When winter is gone they would be so skinny.Because they used up there fat.Bears do the same as the snakes.

Camels have a hump on them. It is filled with lots of food, people didn’t know about this. They can walk for long in the desert with out eating.


The Spartans had honesty and courage. They lived in ancient Greece with lot of love and freedom around them.

There were boys that were taken from there family. They were trained to fright in wars.Years past they became stronger and stronger then they were soldiers ,they frighted in wars and killed lots of people.

The men captured many people and kids to work for them and do thing for them. They were slaves they had to do everything they say or they might kill them.

The women were very tough they would celebrate when their son had won a battle. If they lost and was defeated there mother would kill them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

GUESS WHAT!!! Last week on Friday Japan had a Earthquake. After that the Earthquake made the plate move to ca tsunami it made a big wall of water as it was moving in it started to get bigger and bigger when it hit land houses were destroyed and in bit of wood lot of people got tarp in side by the water. On body could annihilate the size of it.

Did you know that When everyone inJapan was doing there own thing a Earthquake hit it was so bad that it made people tarp inside and killed it will be such a heart breaking time for peoples love one that a dead or no were to be seen. As all the building were shaking and glass breaking it was hard for people to get out because they were shocked and scared. Houses were now crushed and damaged.

Some how when the Earthquake ocured, it caused the plates to move and cause a Tsunami to hit . As the wall of water was coming in, it was starting to get bigger and bigger.It destroyed the coast of Japan. People that lived in the coast of Japan was lucky enough to get a way from it but not unlucky people that got traped was very sad.People were trying to get a way from the wall of water by leaving all there thing and going in to the car getting away as fast as they can.