Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reading Test

Today at school we had our reading test, this time I was in the muisc room and it wasn't grils or boy it was mixed.I felt sacred about the test and was hoping that I would do good and try to finish the test.Guest what I got it finished, it was really hard that I culdn't stop thinking about the hard questions anwered and hoped got it right.

I really hope my report is going to be good.I have wait and find out when I get my report.

I hope I do good on my Writing test?


Testing Week

This week is testing week for pt england school. Yesterday my class room 22
went to do there maths test.the year seven and eight grils were in the ICT room
and the year 8 and 7 boy were in the the miucs room.It was really hard and I
hope that I did really good becuase I want to move my maths level up to year
seven or eight.Also to make my mum and dad proud mostly try and better than my
brothers.Oh we did our test on the computure I never new we could do that.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alexandria Goals

Move my maths level up to year seven or maybe eight because I am a little bite behind . Also I need to Learn my time tables up to 12 and my decimals also I think I need to learn my take aways.

To Make This Maths Gaol Work
I am going to try and do my time tables at home every day or every time before I go to bed.To try and learn more about decimal at school.

Get better at reading longer words.Also I am going to try read everyday at home.Oh and even move my reading level up to year eight or sevens.

Make sense I think that is all.

To Make My Writing Goal Come True.
I post things on to my blog that helps me get better at my writing.Also I am going to try do some writing at home. Even if I don’t right now, but I am going to try and start practicing my writing.
SportsGoing to try and sign up for every sports.Also try and start doing running or riding the bike I think.

Monday, February 20, 2012

First day Of Netball With Liz

Thursday the 9th of February was room 22 first day of netball with Liz. We went to the court and Liz told us about what we were going to do.Then she told us to find a place to stand.She came around to look where we were standing she moved some people to stand in a different place like she told me.

The lesson we started with was passing the ball to our partner my partner was Hossanh. Then started doing bounce passing I think that what it called.After that we got into groups we had to jump and the other side group the person in the front had to pass the ball. When you jump over this thing that I don’t know what it called.I had so much fun doing netball lesson with Liz

I was more happier than ever when got into a game. It was year sevens against year eights.It was Serena,me,Jessica,and I don’t know who the other peoples names in the same team as me.We keep on getting lots of goal by team work.We were winning that Liz helped the year eights team.

did you enjoyed my writing?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Statistics Rm 22 Favorite Colors

This is what we have being doing for few days this week. It is about statistics, you will see a picture on your left. Its about room 22 favorite colors.You will be able to see that the color blue is the best.

Blue - 46.2

Friday, February 10, 2012


This is a picture that I drawled.It is about Respect, my one is putting up your hand when want to say something or have a question.

I hope you like it

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thing About Me

* I like to play rugby but I need to get better at tackling.

* I like to play netball but I don’t like playing because I am really short.

* I like do school work and blog post at home and I like improving in my school work.

* My funniest thing to do is play sports.But not all of the sports.

*I am not good at swimming, but I want to get better I am not because it is hard and the pool is deep.

*I want to learn lots of new things on my netbook.

* I am going to try and sign up for sports this year.

*My favourite colour is all of the colour because I think they are all cool.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Having My Netbook Back

I am in room 22 and today something really cool happened.I got my netbook back and its feels really good. In room 22 I feel happy and this class is really fun our teacher is Mrs Nua.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Going to Hamilton

On Friday the 23th of December, I went to Hamilton with some of my family. We were going to see the christmas lights. It feels like a long journey to Hamilton. When we all finally made it to Hamilton we were all very tired. As we started to walk to the entrance, all of us kids got so excited , we forgot how tired we were. I took a photo of my two cousins Jessica and her sister Tasha in front of a tree near the entrance. I took a pohot of a tree that had light on it and I could not see the light on the camera because of the flash. My second photo was my nana Lito really liked the photo I took of my nana. All of the trees around us had lights on it, it looked so colourful and beautful.We all walked up to the temple and took some photo of the temple.Then we went down to take some famliy photos like all of the kids take a photo.After we finished we went to eat at burger king. Oh thats right I took my own camera.