Friday, December 13, 2013

Year 8 Camp highlights 2013

Last week on Tuesdays the year 8s at Pt England School went to camp Keswick in Rotorua, there was only two thing that I liked at camp that we did. First was the Agrodome where we got to watch a sheep getting its wool shaved off. Also being able to see some of the worlds best sheep, which was really cool. But the best thing that I loved about the Agrodome was looking and holding baby animals like Rabbits,Lambs and other things.

Next thing that we did that liked was the luge rides on the last day of camp. I was really excited, as I made my way down the track, I was screaming and laughing all the way down. It was scary because I was going really fast down the hill and nearly crashed. Once I did but it didn't hurt at all. I got to have another turn and I didn't even listen to the signs that said slow down on the bends, but it was totally worth it. Those were my two is my highlight about camp.

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