Tuesday, April 23, 2013


For the past few days my holiday has started to improve. Me and my cousin's have been playing and having fun.I really enjoy playing with my cousin's because it's better than doing nothing.We play cards and make jokes and have heaps of fun.The thing is that I wish there was only school and no holidays. Because at least you do something instead of nothing.But sometimes you need to have a break from school and relax.So I should be happy to have a school holiday.

The only thing stopping be from having fun is  that I still have nothing to do.,Even thought I'm playing with my cousin's.But I still want to do something so cool that I will never forget.I hope that time will come soon. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Holiday Starting

Holidays just started and it isn't going that great.But I'm hoping that it will get better after a few days.The weather is not helping with it playing up.Mostly when there's nothing to do, but some times there are but you just don't know.Also the thing is my mum would only let me outside sometimes and will tell be to read.I can't read because all of my  interesting book's are book's that i've all ready read.Every time we try play a game or try come up with a game  we can play.It doesn't turn out well because people don't  agree with the game or someone make's boring.I'm sure that people are having a great time and having heaps of fun, but not me.

Fia Fia

Fia Fia was so awesome seeing the performance of other groups that we're before the niuean group were so fabulous.Seeing people  dance their culture and being proud of representing there culture, it's something that you wouldn't want to miss.

When the Niuean group was up to perform I was really excited and scared.But was eager to go out on the stage and perform proud and loud.On the stage I really couldn't see the crowd, but I knew that they could see us it was a really big crowd. I performed my hardest and had heaps of fun.

I don't know what  my favorite group was because they all perform fabulous and they were all great.All breathe taking performance's that even a blink can miss one epic move.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Alexandria and Serena Camp Argument

This is why me and Serena is on the side of camp happening.Because can teach you how to be respectful and carring.Also is a great way for people to spend time with their friends.It can even bring your confidents up and you might want to be leader for something next year.

Para (1)
The reason that me and serena are on the side of having camp.Is because it can bring up your childs confidents and make you want to try hard to be a leader.You never know that the teachers might see that you will be a perfect leader and vote for you.

Para (2)
Also is great for people that have no friends to make friends that can protect them.Making new friends is like meeting new teammates which is one of the 3 p’s like participation,partnership and also protection. But the main word that we are after is (partnership) because its like encouraging others to make new friends and also being a great role model.

Para (3)
If you want your kids to learn manner’s just send to camp.Because camp can teach your kids to be respectful to other and caring.When they come home they might be a whole different person.

Para (4)
Learning to make new things is by listening to your teacher or tutor and also giving it your best shot and focusing on your greatest technic by balancing things out.  

This is Alexandria and Serena’s opinion about having camp.Because it wouldn’t be fair if the year 5 and 6 get to have camp and we don’t.But the thing is that we get complaints from parents that the cost is too much.We can always fix that situation.For example we could fundraise and pay off some bit of the payment for their child's camp fee and the parents can pay the rest.