Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebrating Serena Birthday

Saturday the 20th of October.Six of us girl ( Serena , Vivienne , Mary L, Jessica , Sane , Alex ) went to celebrate Serena Birthday .First we went to Pack'n'Save to get something to eat for the Movies.We got our tickets and went into cinema 7 to watch Pitched Perfect, but there was a problem,There were people sitting in our seat because they gave us ticket for Sunday.So we went back to the counter and told them  that they gave us ticket for Sunday, and it took him for ever to give us ticket for Saturday.Finally we got our tickets we ran to the man that checked our  ticket then we ran to cinema 7 so we don't miss out the movie. Luckily we made it before the movie started.It was really funny and cool but there was a ugly bit when she spied up on the stage.This boy group where very good at singing but there leader was a jerk.But it still was a great movie my favourite part was the end.After the movie we went to mega zone for laser strike.We were the blue team it was really hard but fun.I didn't follow the rules no one did we weren't allowed to run but everybody did.Blue had the biggest base which made it harder to protect.We versed little kids and still lost.Then we went to get Wendy's and ate at Mission Bay.It was a really fun day and we all had lots of fun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Holidays

For the past week I haven't been having that much fun. Because everyday there was something I had to clean.But yesterday I had the most fun time ever, I got to play with my cousins. Mary and Jessica we played all sorts of games.Like shot pot, lapa , racing kind of but different.My Favourite game was lapa me and Jessica against Mary and Serena, it was cool until Serena left because there were not enough players. Then we played shot pot Mary won the first round and I won the second round.It felt like it was the best time of my life.