Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Having Free Time

Chapter One

In the morning we had do do work sheets it was word finds.I worked together with Jessica and Makalita we keep on finishing fast because we help each other.We did word finds for the hole of morning tea time,as the bell rang we had to get our hats and morning tea.

After morning tea time we had free time on Maths Whizz or our animation.When I tried to go on to my animation it couldn't work so I went on to Maths Whizz.Me and Makalita keeps on challenging each other on Math Whizz and I mostly win it was so cool.We had free time on

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going To Church

Today Sunday the 27th of November I went to church with my Nana.Also with my cousin Mary,Jessica,Rose,Michelle,and Karen.Every Sundays I go to church to worship God and Jesus.
I like standing up and singing song at church even if I am small or the only kid that is standing up.I am not shamed because God created us to not be ashamed of anything.People that don't believe I will tell you this he is the one that created all of us and the one that helps us all the time if you don't believe in me then buy a bible and read it to find out that god will always be real.

My Cousins Brithday

This is a photo of the birthday bot making a funny face.Sorry if this photo is bad.

Yesterday on Saturday the 26th of November was my cousin Shazza he is a boy and was turning five years old.Me my mum,dad,and bothers also there friends and cousin went to the birthday late.When we got there it was already finish, but there was lots of food left I only ate butter chicken and rice it was really nice.I couldn't finish it all because I already finish eating sushi.

I took my netbook so I can Take a photo of the birthday boy and I did get to take a photo of the birthday boy Shazza.It was starting to get boring so I went and asked my cousin Mary if she wanted to play and she said "yes but you are in".We were playing with a small balloon with water in it.I was looking for Mary,but when I couldn't find her I went to my dad and asked are we going home now and he said "yes".

Me And My Mum Folding Clothes

To night I have just finish folding clothes with my mum and chucking some in a rubbish bag.
The most that were going in the rubbish bag was my brothers clothes it was the ones that they could not fit any more.Only a little of my clothes went in the rubbish bag.But the picture that I put on for this writing is the clothes that were mind and that I folded.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Big Mess Of Paint All Over The Deck.

Chapter Three

It was a very sunny day so Mr Slade let us paint outside on the old deck. When we started painting lots of people were playing around with the paint, My cousin Mary was painting anything she painted the basketball hop.Then Sesalina painted on it and a Elizabeth went over the paint that Mary did because she wanted to be in detention with her.

But when my Mr Slade came out to check if we were O.K. But when he saw there was a lot of paint on the deck he was really angry with the people that were playing around with the paint.So after lunch time Mr Slade told us that we had to clean the paint off the deck and clean the class because it was a pig style. I was picking up rubbish and putting up chairs with my cousin Jessica.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Athletics Day

Today Wednesday the 23rd of November I can't believe that it is nearly Christmas.Today was the day that Pt England are in the house colors the colors are blue,green,red and yellow. We had to challenge people that are in our age groups I was in the eleven years old.

The eleven year old did Javelin which I didn't come any where in because it was really hard.Also shoot put,softball throw, 100m race,75m race and something that I forgot that started with disc. The only thing that I am good at was racing ,but I am not that fast at racing because I come 4th,3rd,.My goal was to come first seems that I wasn't fast enough,I will keep on trying to make my goal come true and try to get faster than I am now.

I wounder how you did in athletics ,I think you did way better than me.

I hope you in enjoyed my story.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Planning Our Art

Capture Two

We had to plan where we are going to put our planets on a small piece of white paper.
I was taking for ever to finish my plan,it was because I didn’t know the order of the planets
were. So I diced to ask my cousin Jessica.

But when I looked back lots of people were already painting except for me. Even my cousin and friends were painting.So I just started drawing my plan, because I didn’t want to be the only one that hasn’t started painting.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day Four

This is Friday the 18th of November today at school with Mr Slade we had tennis.Our coach was Marcel he is very good at playing tennis.We got to play king of court the people that was in my group were my friends and cousins we had to challenge each other.Vanessa was the winner in our group.I was sad that I lost But happy that my friend Vanessa won.

After morning tea time we got free time on you tube or Math Whizz it is where pt england kids that are year five and up to year eight learn new thing and improve in their maths.I was having a challenge with my friend Makalita, It was really fun having a challenge with her.Today was the best day out of all of them.

Sorry about posting this late.

This is the end because the six's are coming back from camp

I am sad because I will miss painting with rm 18 year 7's and doing fun worksheet.

Having To Be In Room 18 With Mr Slade

Capture one

The year six’s that didn’t go to camp had to be in room 18 with Mr Slade.He is a really cool teacher, he gave us fun worksheet to do.We did a worksheet about the solar system, I learn new thing from doing the worksheet about the solar system.

Until we started to get into trouble from Mr Slade, it made me wanting to go to a different class.My cousin Mary got into trouble for just touching a ball that wasn’t her’s I was laughing at her.I got a growing to but I forgot what I did to get a growing.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day Three

This is Thursday the 17th of November this is the third day being the only year six's at school.Today we did a lot of painting it was really cool.Until we started getting in trouble by Mr Slade.Some of us were playing around with the paint and painting anything.

Some of us got paint on the deck and the deck had lots of paint on it because people were mostly playing round with the paint.(It wasn't me that was playing around with the paint).I was doing my third code of withe and the paint was taking for ever to dry, so I had to wait for it to dry.As I was waiting I touched it to see if it was dry but it wasn't so I diced to just put my paint colours on.

After lunch time Mr Slade told us that we had to clean the deck because there was paint all over the deck and to clean the the class room I was picking up the rubbish and putting up the chairs with my cousin Jessica.People were scrubbing the paint off the deck.When we were all finish the home bell rang and we were allowed to go home.

I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow.

But I will tell you, see you next time.

Day 3 being the only year six's at school.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day Two

This is Wednesday the 16th November This is the second day being the only year six's at school.Today was more better than yesterday we did way better work than yesterday, but there was no rippa rugby because it was raining in the morning.We had to take clothes of rippa rugby but I didn't because It was raining in the morning,also we had to take a t-shirt for painting but again I didn't take a t-shirt.

When we were doing painting I was wearing my jacket and I got paint on it luckily that the paint could come off easily.We were painting on black paper.Also we were painting our planet we had to paint them all White, we had to do three codes of paint.
But it was still very cool doing painting.

After lunch time we had to do ssd it means super silent drawing.It was kind of boring doing drawing.Then we were allowed to go out side and play a game on the field until the home bell rings.Some of us were playing touch , but I was playing soccer
with my friends.

I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow I hope it will be fun.

I will tell you what going to happen tomorrow.
See you next time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day One

This is Tuesday the 15th of November, this is the day that all of the year six's go to Kawau Island for camp except for me and my cousin Mary,Jessica and my friends Caroline,Makalita and Vanessa. My other friend Serena is gone to Kawau Island with the other year six's for camp, it is kind of lonely with her not around.Now some of my friends and cousins want to go to camp now even me but I am not allowed to go because of my skin its get worse in the summer season.
Today at school I was in room eighteen.All of the people that did no go to camp had to be in room eighteen with Mr Slade.
It was a bit lonely being the only year six's at school.Also the work was so boring because it wasn't that much fun.At least I am still with most of my friends.I want to go to a different class but I don't want to be a bad girl so I am going to stay in room eighteen even if it is going to be boring.

We will be doing painting and playing Ripper Rugby tomorrow.

This is day 1 being the only year six's at school.

I will be back to post what happen in day two see you next time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Year Six Going To Do At Camp Benzon

I am not going to camp, so the other people that are going to camp are going to have a lot of fun.They will be doing fun activity's all day long.

Camp Benzon is in the North cove.The only way that you can get to Camp Benzon is by a ferry.

I am not going to camp, so I do not know what I am looking forward to do.But I know that they are going to do sailing and eat yummy food.They have there own chief and he will wake up at 4:00am to cook bread for them to eat in the morning.

A challenge for me is sailing.But I don’t know if sailing is going to be a challenge because I am not going to camp.It sounds really hard to me.

I wish that I could go to camp but I am not allowed because of my ex mar.
Have you been to Camp Benzon ?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comment

Did you know that a comet is made out of ice cream?(Just jokes)It is really made out of rocks,ice,and gas.Can you believe that the comets tail is not always at the back,when the comet is coming near the sun the tail is at the back.But when it passes the sun the tail is in the front.It is like the tail has to stay away from the sun I think.

As we were all waiting I really wanted to start,because when we finish making our comment we could eat it our comment .Mr Sommerville and Miss Garden had just finish and that mean that we were able to start now.We were all siting up to go first,I was lucky that Miss garden picked me and some other people to go first.When we got I got my Ice cream in my hand it was already melting so I had to start moving outside.

I was given duct for my ice cream so I started to roll it around my ice cream.When I was finish I got a cone.The dust wasn't real dust it was biscuit crumbs,Hundreds and thousands,also chocolate sprinkles.When I took my first lick is was really nice, that it made me wanting to have more dust on my ice cream.

Then there were the boys turn to put there dust on their ice cream,as they got their dust they kept no scavenging for more
dust. Lucky that Mr Sommerville was there because there wouldn't be any for other people.I poked my thump into my cone and it made a hole in my cone.

These are thing you can use to make a comment out of ice cream
Dust-biscuit crumbs,Hundreds and thousands,also chocolate sprinkles.
Tail- cone
Also ice cream.
If you want to make a comment ice cream you just have to follow the things that I have route down.
I hope you in joy having a comment ice cream.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Space Junk

This is my presentation that I have done, it is about space junk.

I hope you like it.