Thursday, September 29, 2011

AFL Coaching.

Isn't AFL an Australian game?I was Intrigued when
I heard there were Aussie Rules coaches,coming
in to teach us how to play.We are kiwi kids!

The first technique we had to master was the drop punt,
in Aussie Rule coaching.Then we got up to playing a game and our teachers were our targets.”I am going to get you Miss Garden” but I didn’t manage to hit her with the ball.

As we were mastering the hand pass technique, It was really painful hitting the ball to our partner. Because we had hit it hard to get to were our partner is standing.Ouch my hand is sore!

The last technique was the high mark.It means if you catch it on a full, no one is allowed to tackle you or touch you.It is good thing if you are next to the goal post, because you can get a point for you team.” It not as easy as it looks” I thought to my self .

I’m looking forward to putting all these skills into practice, when we get to play a real game of AFL next week.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Make A Thung Cai Boat.

1. Cutting long poles of green bamboo.

2.Scrape off the the outer skin.

3.Slice it into thin slate.

4. Soak the slats in water.

5.When weaving pull tight to give it a round shape.

6. tie the weaving around the thung cai and wipe it with resin to protect it from the sun and sea water also from rotting.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What Rugby Game Coming Up

This is going to be about rugby.

There will be a rugby game it is going to be the England v Georgia.It will start this week Sunday the 18th.Kick off will be at 18:00 which means 6:00, Dunedin at Otago Stadium.My prediction is that Georgia will win 17,8.

But who do you think is going to win?

Sorry I tried to put a picture on but it didn't work.

Rugby World Ceremony

On Friday the 9th, they was a huge celebration to start the rugby world cup.It was so cool that people was able to watch it on TV live.There was a lot of people in town, that there was hardly no space to move around.

For my trip to town, I caught the bus to Britomart, and I was in the same bus as shoal and Jasmin.One time this man and his wife or his girlfriend showed their rugby ticket and they were supposed to get a free bus ride but he didn’t. We stopped at the next bus stop to pick up more people, they showed their rugby ticket and they did get a free ride because my mum said that to bus driver if you have a rugby ticket you get a free bus ride.

In town,me my mum and dad where struggling to get threw the massive crowd. When we found a spot to watch the big screen I was to small to see it so my dad had to put me on his shoulder .I saw lots of people dressed in red and white and also black and white.

Although the city struggled with the huge crowds, most people agreed that the opening ceremony was a huge success.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rugby World Cup Begins ALL BLACK v TONGA

This is going to be about the ALL BLACK Vs TONGA.

Tomorrow Friday the 9th the rugby world cup will begin the ALL BLACK and the TONGAN team will be playing .My prediction is that Tonga is going to win by 38,22 I can't wait to see there haka it is going to be so cool to watch them. I hope that they are going to do it at the same like they did before it is like they are having a challenge at doing the haka, that will be my favorite part .I want Tonga to hammer the All Blacks.

Who do you think is going to win out of the Tonga and the All Blacks?