Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thing About Me

* I like to play rugby but I need to get better at tackling.

* I like to play netball but I don’t like playing because I am really short.

* I like do school work and blog post at home and I like improving in my school work.

* My funniest thing to do is play sports.But not all of the sports.

*I am not good at swimming, but I want to get better I am not because it is hard and the pool is deep.

*I want to learn lots of new things on my netbook.

* I am going to try and sign up for sports this year.

*My favourite colour is all of the colour because I think they are all cool.

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  1. Hey Alex you are very good at rugby and all of the sports. And yes you are very cute in the netball team. And yeahh can't wait to see another post on your blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog enyway. xoxoxoxo



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