Friday, July 27, 2012

Facts About The Olympic Flag

Do you know who found the rings carved on an altar stone?.

Pierre De Coubertin wanted to created a banner to represent Olympism. He revealed the Olympic rings in 1914 at the Paris Congress.He wanted to memorialize the 20th Anniversary of modern games. The flag he created was made up of five rings.The colors of the five rings are,Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,Green.The white background on the olympic flag means peace and truth's.


  1. WOW! Alexandria I like your Olympic flag you have drawn. keep up the great work.

  2. great work you have drawn Alexandria and nice story you have great work keep it up nice job.

  3. Hi ALexandria,
    Keep up the great job and I like the way you draw your rings on tux paint.To me that is really hard I cant wait to see more on your blog post Keep it up.

  4. Hi Alexandria

    I like what you have written about the Olympic flag that was really interestng and I also like the flag you have drawn
    Any way keep up the amazing work...


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