Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nelson Mandela.

This is an activity that we got from Mrs Nua. We had to do a presentation on Nelson Mandela, things about him or what he did for his country. 

Escape Children Of The Holocaust

Recently I have been reading a book called Escape Children Of The Holocaust. The reason why I wanted to tell you about this book is that it shocked me witnessing the suffering and pain that Jewish kids and family's went through.When there homes were being invaded by Germans and they had to work as slaves for there life. Imprisoned by Germans where they watch other people from there family and the same religion being slaughtered or beaten for nothing. Obeying orders for there own survival and trying there best to make through without water food and living with rodents around them. Which doesn't make much easier when you can catch diseases that can kill you in a instant. 
This is one of the most heart breaking stories that I have read. There are lots of things in this story that made me nearly cry. This is the first book that has ever made me nearly cry. I hope that you get to read this book and witness the thing that Jewish kids and family have been through. Remember to have tissue next to you when reading this book. Because I know that it will make you cry.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Updated My Story Zombie Virus. Only Suitable for 12 and over

This is a story that I have been working on for quite a while.Hope you enjoy, also sorry about the bad drawing that I did.But I can draw better its just that I can't draw on a computer or net book.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Maths Painting

This is a painting that we did with our maths teacher Mr Barks.It doesn't really mean that much, its just our teacher wanted us do something about maths.So we did a painting and this is my one.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pitbulls Be Banned In New Zealand? NO

Should Pit bulls Be Banned In New Zealand? NO

Even though Pit bulls dogs have heaps of reports about attacks on other dogs or people even their owner. Doesn't mean that they are bad to have around. Pit bulls are just like any other dogs, they have to be trained to behave and listen. If a Pit Bull grows up to be an aggressive dog and attack people or other pets.

It’s not their fought because the influence that their owner gives them doesn't help.Mostly if they teach it to fight or attack other dogs, or even kill. It won’t help the dog because it will just get more and more into hurting and killing people and other pets.

Also if they put their Pit Bull into fights with other dogs just to get money or drugs.They are teaching their dogs to attack and kill for what they want. Then if his Pit Bull loses  he decides to beat his dog up and the dog fights back and hurts his owner really bad.

Then the Owner complains and want’s to put the dog down.But its not the dogs fought it is the influence that the owner does to it or teach’s it.That is why I think that Pit Bulls shouldn't be banned.

Cinderellahr The Fractured Fairy Tale

By Jay Lee, Roezala, Alexandria

Once upon a time in a  magical, enchanted forest stood a towering white brick castle, where the King and his daughter Cinderellahr lived. Due to the loss of their mother  Cinderellahr’s two stunning step sisters Ria and Liyla lived in the dusty dark cold cellar. Bossed around by  their  evil father the two girls cleaned and cleaned all day long. Dirty Rags and ripped clothing were all the girls wore while Cinderellahr was upstairs spoiled rotten with the latest clothing in town.

It was the night of the royal ball in the neighbouring village. Prince Zayn was hosting the ball that everyone had been talking about for weeks and the night had finally arrived. One invitation had been delivered to Cindrellahrs house but it read ‘To Liyla” not to Cinderellahr. Rage rushed through Cinderellahr. She ran to Ria and told her the news......
Cinderellahrh  and Ria got mental and were really jealous that only Liyla got to go.” ‘How did she get an invitation and why didn’t  we. That’s not fair. We should wreck the party.” Angrily yelled Ria   “Yes we shall replied Cinderellahr”...
The two girls planned  to wreck the party and make the prince dance with them. It hit 10pm and Liyla got given a   sparkly blue  glamorous dress from her fairy godmother . Drove in a blue fancy cadillac  and wore 2  blue sparkly stilettos that only she could fit. The two sisters wore camo. “Hurry up Cinderella” screeched Ria. They Jumped into their dads little cab and with high speed rushed down the hill drove over the bridge up another hill and Finally they were right outside the castle. ‘Get out Get out yelled Cinderella”  There were 2 strong looking bodyguards guarding the entrance to the castle where the ball was on. The two girls decided to walk around the castle to look for another way in.

“ Look up there a window is open ” yelled Cinderellahr.” And there’s a ladder over there” replied Ria. They went over to the ladder and together they carried it to the window. Making there way up the ladder, they got into the room and realise that it was the prince's room. They got crazy and went through all of his stuff and looked every where in his room.When they were finished the room was in a mess and things on the floor were broken and shattered.They brought back up clothes, Cinderellahr bought two dresses one for her and one for Ria. Ria wore a white short dress and Cinderellahr wore a pink short dress with a black bow. The two rushed down stairs The prince saw Cinderellahr and like a dash ditched Liyla and danced with Cinderella.

Liyla and Ria were angry and jealous. “Oh who cares we don't need him said Liyla”. ,”Yes we don't replied Ria”. Cinderellahr danced With Prince Zayn, The two step sisters danced together all night. Prince Zayn and Cinderella got married the two step sisters found prince’s of their own and they all lived happily ever after.THE END.

Prospective Student

The boy was dangling on a steep cliff, with a weak grip. He only had determination on his side. As he reached the top he was exhausted, but was relieved that all of his efforts paid off.

Wiping the sweat off his fore head he then made his way up the hill. The boy was so relieved he looked high up at the gigantic doors and  knocked twice. A tall master came out.

The student waited anxiously for a response from the master. He was really nervous to see if he was going to make it in.But then the master pointed to the side.The students spirit was crushed his shoulder and head dropped in despair.

He took a deep breath and started wondering if  he had to prove himself. Then he started meditating outside of the door for one whole  day and night.When he came to open his eyes he saw the master standing in front of him.

The student thought that it would please the master.But instead he got the same response as before. The student turned to walk away.But his emotions changed into total rage to get revenge on the master.He kicked down the door  and showed the master that he wanted to fight him.The master saw rage in his eyes. The master didn't do anything but just pointed to the side.

The boy finally looked to the side and realised that he had to use the side entrance, he was really embarrassed.