Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creative Strand Reflection

Alex , Jay and Rena 2013 Rap from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Intro: Last week we were given the opportunity to create a movie based on an event of our choice . We had to think of something that was different , that would stand out from all the rest.  So we both agreed on researching Martin Luther King , I Have A Dream.
We wrote a rap together, rehearsed it , recorded it then we made a animation to go along with it.

The reason why we chose Martin Luther King was because he is a true hero to us all, he stopped racism back in 1963 when he spoke his mind with a speech called “ I Have A Dream”

Positives: I really enjoyed working on this project because not only did we create animations we also learned a lot of information about Martin Luther King, he set his people free from racism so that the blacks would have the same rights as the whites.  Blacks had experienced things that no one should ever experience it was horrible, but thanks to Martin Luther King he put a stop to it.

Negatives: (Things to work on) I personally think that Alexandria and I could have managed our time better, so that we could create a more detailed animation with awesome editing. I didn’t like the fact that we had to wait for IMAC’S and by the time we were given one , we were rushed to upload our video  to vimeo but we weren’t quite finished with our editing!!

Interesting:  The thing that I found interesting about this project was how much knowledge we had gained in a week, we had learned so much about Martin Luther King in such a small space of time. The other thing was , how cool our rap was!!

This week was awesome, but next time we will definitely manage our time better.  We will work  harder and we will make a more detailed movie with a good message to go along with it.  

Jay and Alex Decimal DLO 2013

The question that we am doing is about Decimals. We are going to have to add the decimal all up to get our answer. The question is that Andrew weighs 45.6kg and his cat weighs 4.8kg, so we have to add 45.6 and 4.8 together.

The strategy that we are going to use is rounding one of the decimal numbers to the nearest ten. First we will add 0.2 to 4.8 and then takeaway 0.2 from 45.6.So the question now will be 5 + 45.4 the reason that we took away 0.2 from 45.8 after adding 0.2 to 4.8 is to balance the numbers or there will be two much.

So now we will have to add 45.4 and 5 together.We know that 5 and 45 will add up to 50, then we just add the leftover 0.4 and the answer we got is 50.4

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maths Question DLO

The question that I am doing is about fractions.I am going to have to find out who  has read the most pages in a book.Angela has 160 pages in her book and Olivia has 45 pages in her book so I have to find out who had read got the most.

So question number 1 Angela has 160 pages in her book and only has read 2/10 of her book? I know that I have to split 160 in 10 groups, which is 16 because 16x10 = 160. But I only want two groups so then I time 2 and 16 and that is 32 .So 32 is the answer for question number 1.

Now question number 2 Olivia has only read 3/5 of her 45 page book.I’ll use the same strategy that I used with the 1 question.There will be 9 groups because 9x5=45.But I only want 3 so 9x3=27.So the answer is 27

Which means that Angela has read more books than Olivia.