Monday, March 26, 2012

Camp Info

One of our activies at camp was putting up the tents.

1 spread the tent out and start putting the poles in the strips and tie and string up at the top.
2 hammer some tent nails into the ends of the tent and the strings of the tent.(except the front)
3 put the sliver pole in the gap in front of the tent when you have done that put the sliver pole into these clips at the end of the sides.
4 Then pin down the front strings and you will have a tent I think. Sorry if wrong.


Tent fly
Tent pegs
Tent poles
Guy ropes

Friday, March 16, 2012

Best Time At Camp.

My high highlight was playing captain on deck with Mr Harris It was really hard because there was lots of new things.For example man over board you had to find a partner and one person had to lay on there tummy and the other putting there foot on there back.

My down highlight it was throw the egg. Me and Serena were partners for this game.When we started throwing the egg I was really sacred that it will crack on me.It kept on getting harder and harder because Serena had to keep on moving backwards. Finally the cracked on some on and that person was me.

Sticky smelly Egg dripping throw my fingers.With some on my head trying to wipe most of it on the grass which didn't work.Going to the toilet and meeting up with Oshania walking to the toilets two to wash the egg off her head.

First Day Of Camp

3 cups Edmonds standard plain flour
6 teaspoons Edmonds baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
75g butter
1 - 1½ cups milk, approximately
extra milk for glazing

What we did on the first day of camp.

Monday the 12th was the first day of camp. Our first task was cooking.We got into groups we had to look on the Internet and find a scone recipe.All of the people in the same group as me was on the same recipe.we had to write the recipe on a paper.Me and Serena was the first one to finish writing the recipe.

Then we started to make our dough for the scone.We wasted flour because one of us putted to much salt in the dough.Every time we do some thing we ask the teacher so we don’t wast the flour again.When we had to mix the dough me Serena and some one else used our hands to mash the butter.

We rolled the dough to make it flat and started using a cup to make circle shapes.Every time Senolita made a circle shape we putted it on to a silver tray.Finally we got the tray fulled up with circle shapes of dough.

Me and Senolita took the tray to the oven and when we got to the oven some other groups scones were going to get brunt.So Senolita went back and a group of girls ran to get there scones which was still in the oven.When they got it out Senolita pitted our group on scones in the oven.

When we got back every one was pealing patateo. We went to our group and started pealing patato, I couldn’t peal the patato properly because I had the stink pealer. Senolita and Serena went to check on our scones and they came back with our scones,t hey were puffed up.

When we finish pealing the patatos , Mrs Nua said “ you can now have a taest of your scone only one”.We all could smell our scones neck minute, when we got a scone and riped it in half it was raw.Only some of them were raw inside.Also it tasted like bread and salt.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pacific Festival

Sorry for no picture it couldn't work.
Saturday the 10th of March there was a Pacifica festival next to the Motal.I
was dancing because the youth group I was in had to dance.When I got there with
my mom and dad we took a walk around.It was like every island was selling hangi.
I had so much fun look at new things.Oh when we started walking around
there was this man play a flute wearing a horse mask. As we were walking I saw a bird that I haven't seen befor except for a pokeko.
We finally made it to the niuean stage there was lots of people at the niuean stage.We found our way though the crowd I saw my youth group and went to sit with them.

A pretty girl was dancing to a island song she was really good.When she finished she got changed into a different dress and danced to different song.She finally was finish when she was it was our turn to dance.We did the lords prayer and the solider dance.It was really shaming because people started to leave when we danced.When we finished I went off really fast.
I went to my mum and she went to get some thing to eat.We ate hangi I didn't really eat becuase I didn't like it that much.When we finished eating ymmum and dad went to pick my bother claude up from school he goes to boarding school I don't know what the name is sorry.I went looking around with my cousin and friend there were some people giving free lollie pops out so went to get some and got lots it was so funny.
We went back and had to leave to go home, we caught the bus home.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sane Brithday

On Saturday I went to Sane birthday withSerena,Jessica,Mary,Selina,Farra,and of course Sane.Farra and Sanes mom wasdriving, we were going to Skate land Paradise.We finally got to skate landparadise when we walked in the door we all walked to the counter.Ilooked inside the door and saw a girl she had blade skates on and she was skating onICE.
I didn't know my size of shoes to tell to the lady.I got skate's that I didn'tnow what size it was and it was a perfect fit. As I walked over to theice I was so sacred that I went back and waited for Serena and Jessica alsoSane.When we were all on the ice me and Jessica was sacred of fallingdown Because of the ice.
I finally got the hang of riding skates on ice it wasreally cool.Then I started to go fast and I had fun going really fast.Therewere some people that I don't know using these metal thing to balance on them when riding.We started to steel some other peoples metal thing to see how it felt.We had so much fun that we started to steel some more for all of us touse one.It wasn't me steeling other people things.When they got it I just played with them not steel them.
When people went off the ice and left there riding thing on the side of thewall.One of us will skate and and skate on the side of the wall and just pick it up and use it.I am not going to tell you who was the one who took other peoples things you have to guess your self .Here are the people that went to Sanes birthday.Serena,Jessica,Mary,Alexandria,Selina,Farra andSane.Try and guess who stole other peoples thing and here is a clue it was more than one person.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jelly Bean

When I first looked at the jelly bean I got it looked like a ginne pigs little poo.But when I took a little bite I was amazed that I was wrong, It tasted like a bowl of fruit salad .Also they were more better than the old jelly bean the old one where yuck that why I stopped eating jelly beans, but now thing are different.