Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Photo Of Me And My Friend And Cousin

This is two photos of me and my friend Serena and my cousin Jessica
I don't need to worry about seeing them because they live on the same street as me.

Outta This World Animation

This is about outta this world I hope you like my animation.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Version Of Cinderella

Once upon a time there was girl called Alex as her mom pasted away her dad Johnny he married a new lady called Susie.Susie had children of her own called Claudia and Kristina.One day Alex's dad past away that was when Susie started treating Alex really badly.Susie keeps on making Alex do all the chorus Alex new that she was more prettier than her mean step sisters.Every day Alex had to wake up at 6:00 to make breakfast for her mom and ugly step sisters.

The only clothes that Alex wears is a dress made of rages. Her only friend was a fluffy cat teddy bear she got from her mom when she was little.The only thing that Alex eats is the left over from what the mom and sisters eat. As Alex goes and lie down next to the ashes of the fire to get a little warmth tears starts to roll down her cheeks because she miss her mom and dad.As Alex was lieing near the ashes she was thinking of her being in a beautiful dress dancing with a handsome prince.

One day the door bell rang Alex went to answer the door it was a messenger from the Prince, Claudia and Kristina came down to look at the door as they heard that the were invited to a prince birthday party tomorrow.Claudia and Kristian started screaming with joyfulness as they ran up stairs to tell their mum "Here is some money go and get you the pretty dress"Susie says to Claudia and Kristina.When Alex went to her Step mum and asks"Can I please have some money to get me a dress" NO"her step mom says to her, go make your dress out of the things in the rubbish.

As Alex walks to the rubbish bin with her head down, she was surprised that there were pretty things in the bin there were put in the bin by her ugly step sisters.She took them out and started making her dress when she finished it was so beautiful.She goes and tried it on Alex look so pretty she looked like an princess, her step sister saw her in her pretty dress they were jealous. When Alex was sleeping Claudia and Kristina took Alex dress out of the closet and started to rip it into pieces when they were finished, they silently putted it back and ran back to there room.

Alex wakes up at six 'o'clock to make her mother and step sisters breakfast. On the day of the prince birthday she was so excited that she couldn't wait to meet the prince.She cleaned up her sisters room and moms and made there beds,moped the floors.Also did the dishes, water the plant and mow the lawn.It was time to get change for the prince birthday.As Alex walked to her closet and opens it she sees her dress riped into pieces, Alex starts to cry and her sister starts laughing at her which hurt her feeling even worse.

It was so sad for Alex watching her step sister and mom leaving to the prince birthday.She ran to her room and started crying as tears rolled down her cheeks, there was something sparkling beside her.When Alex looked beside her and there was standing an old lady holding a wand."Who are you"ask the Alex "I am your god mother"says the old lady."Do you want to go to the birthday party"Alex god mother says,"oh yes I really want to go to the party"says Alex.

"OK then stand up" she waved her wand and Alex was standing in most beautiful dress Alex has ever seen.Alex looked down at her feet and saw prettiest box shoes ever. "Now Alex go and get me a piece on metal" her god mother say.Alex comes back with a piece of metal she puts it down and watches her god mother wave her wand.A very flash scooter was standing in front of her she was so amazed that a little piece of metal turned into a cool scooter."WOW" Alex says.

As Alex getting on to her scooter her god mother says to her"Your beautiful dress and box shoes will turn back into the clothes you were wearing before"rages".So you better watch out, this will happen at midnight "be careful"O.K. god mother"says Alex.As she leaves for the princes birthday, When she get to the birthday she sees lots of ladies standing around something and that something was the prince. The prince called Chris was Alex and was amazed of her beaut.He went throw all the ladies and walked up to Alex "hi you look so beautiful"(says the prince)"Thank you"(says Alex)."Do want to go for a walk""oh yes please".

As they both talked and laughed Alex, two step sister were angry that they prince wasn't with them.It was nearly midnight and Alex was still with Chris.When they where walking she was a clock and saw that it was nearly midnight.She ran away from the prince she lost a box shoes and didn't stop for it because her dress will turn back to rages.She ran back home so that the mom would think that she was cleaning instead on being at the party.

When they got back they had an angry look on there face.Mostly Claudia and Kristina they were still angry about the the girl that hanged out with the prince and instead of them."What happen" asked Alex our party was dumb because of some girl that no one knew."If I find out who that girl was she better watch her back"(Claudia says)

The prince was really sad about mystery girl when is ran off, but he had a shoes that was the mystery girl, the girl he fell in love with on his birthday.He was searching for the girl that can fit the box shoes and if that person does fit the box shoes will be married by the prince.Every girl in town tried it on but it was to small.The was coming to where Alex lives.Her sister where excited so ran up stair and had shower and got into there best clothes.

Door bell ring, Susie goes and open the door "oh hi come in"Claudia and Kristina runs down to the prince "hi"they both say.Say they frighted over who is going to be first, they asked if the mom wanted to chose the mom picked Claudia to go first.She pushed and pushed into the box shoes but it was to small for her fat feet.It was time for Kristina turn to try on the box shoes again more pushing and pushing until she realized that they couldn't fit the box shoes.They were both angry.When Alex walked in the door the prince went to her can you try this on please "OK"it slipped on perfectly.The prince married Alex and they lived happy ever after.







Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Having Free Time

Chapter One

In the morning we had do do work sheets it was word finds.I worked together with Jessica and Makalita we keep on finishing fast because we help each other.We did word finds for the hole of morning tea time,as the bell rang we had to get our hats and morning tea.

After morning tea time we had free time on Maths Whizz or our animation.When I tried to go on to my animation it couldn't work so I went on to Maths Whizz.Me and Makalita keeps on challenging each other on Math Whizz and I mostly win it was so cool.We had free time on

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going To Church

Today Sunday the 27th of November I went to church with my Nana.Also with my cousin Mary,Jessica,Rose,Michelle,and Karen.Every Sundays I go to church to worship God and Jesus.
I like standing up and singing song at church even if I am small or the only kid that is standing up.I am not shamed because God created us to not be ashamed of anything.People that don't believe I will tell you this he is the one that created all of us and the one that helps us all the time if you don't believe in me then buy a bible and read it to find out that god will always be real.

My Cousins Brithday

This is a photo of the birthday bot making a funny face.Sorry if this photo is bad.

Yesterday on Saturday the 26th of November was my cousin Shazza he is a boy and was turning five years old.Me my mum,dad,and bothers also there friends and cousin went to the birthday late.When we got there it was already finish, but there was lots of food left I only ate butter chicken and rice it was really nice.I couldn't finish it all because I already finish eating sushi.

I took my netbook so I can Take a photo of the birthday boy and I did get to take a photo of the birthday boy Shazza.It was starting to get boring so I went and asked my cousin Mary if she wanted to play and she said "yes but you are in".We were playing with a small balloon with water in it.I was looking for Mary,but when I couldn't find her I went to my dad and asked are we going home now and he said "yes".

Me And My Mum Folding Clothes

To night I have just finish folding clothes with my mum and chucking some in a rubbish bag.
The most that were going in the rubbish bag was my brothers clothes it was the ones that they could not fit any more.Only a little of my clothes went in the rubbish bag.But the picture that I put on for this writing is the clothes that were mind and that I folded.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Big Mess Of Paint All Over The Deck.

Chapter Three

It was a very sunny day so Mr Slade let us paint outside on the old deck. When we started painting lots of people were playing around with the paint, My cousin Mary was painting anything she painted the basketball hop.Then Sesalina painted on it and a Elizabeth went over the paint that Mary did because she wanted to be in detention with her.

But when my Mr Slade came out to check if we were O.K. But when he saw there was a lot of paint on the deck he was really angry with the people that were playing around with the paint.So after lunch time Mr Slade told us that we had to clean the paint off the deck and clean the class because it was a pig style. I was picking up rubbish and putting up chairs with my cousin Jessica.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Athletics Day

Today Wednesday the 23rd of November I can't believe that it is nearly Christmas.Today was the day that Pt England are in the house colors the colors are blue,green,red and yellow. We had to challenge people that are in our age groups I was in the eleven years old.

The eleven year old did Javelin which I didn't come any where in because it was really hard.Also shoot put,softball throw, 100m race,75m race and something that I forgot that started with disc. The only thing that I am good at was racing ,but I am not that fast at racing because I come 4th,3rd,.My goal was to come first seems that I wasn't fast enough,I will keep on trying to make my goal come true and try to get faster than I am now.

I wounder how you did in athletics ,I think you did way better than me.

I hope you in enjoyed my story.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Planning Our Art

Capture Two

We had to plan where we are going to put our planets on a small piece of white paper.
I was taking for ever to finish my plan,it was because I didn’t know the order of the planets
were. So I diced to ask my cousin Jessica.

But when I looked back lots of people were already painting except for me. Even my cousin and friends were painting.So I just started drawing my plan, because I didn’t want to be the only one that hasn’t started painting.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day Four

This is Friday the 18th of November today at school with Mr Slade we had tennis.Our coach was Marcel he is very good at playing tennis.We got to play king of court the people that was in my group were my friends and cousins we had to challenge each other.Vanessa was the winner in our group.I was sad that I lost But happy that my friend Vanessa won.

After morning tea time we got free time on you tube or Math Whizz it is where pt england kids that are year five and up to year eight learn new thing and improve in their maths.I was having a challenge with my friend Makalita, It was really fun having a challenge with her.Today was the best day out of all of them.

Sorry about posting this late.

This is the end because the six's are coming back from camp

I am sad because I will miss painting with rm 18 year 7's and doing fun worksheet.

Having To Be In Room 18 With Mr Slade

Capture one

The year six’s that didn’t go to camp had to be in room 18 with Mr Slade.He is a really cool teacher, he gave us fun worksheet to do.We did a worksheet about the solar system, I learn new thing from doing the worksheet about the solar system.

Until we started to get into trouble from Mr Slade, it made me wanting to go to a different class.My cousin Mary got into trouble for just touching a ball that wasn’t her’s I was laughing at her.I got a growing to but I forgot what I did to get a growing.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day Three

This is Thursday the 17th of November this is the third day being the only year six's at school.Today we did a lot of painting it was really cool.Until we started getting in trouble by Mr Slade.Some of us were playing around with the paint and painting anything.

Some of us got paint on the deck and the deck had lots of paint on it because people were mostly playing round with the paint.(It wasn't me that was playing around with the paint).I was doing my third code of withe and the paint was taking for ever to dry, so I had to wait for it to dry.As I was waiting I touched it to see if it was dry but it wasn't so I diced to just put my paint colours on.

After lunch time Mr Slade told us that we had to clean the deck because there was paint all over the deck and to clean the the class room I was picking up the rubbish and putting up the chairs with my cousin Jessica.People were scrubbing the paint off the deck.When we were all finish the home bell rang and we were allowed to go home.

I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow.

But I will tell you, see you next time.

Day 3 being the only year six's at school.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day Two

This is Wednesday the 16th November This is the second day being the only year six's at school.Today was more better than yesterday we did way better work than yesterday, but there was no rippa rugby because it was raining in the morning.We had to take clothes of rippa rugby but I didn't because It was raining in the morning,also we had to take a t-shirt for painting but again I didn't take a t-shirt.

When we were doing painting I was wearing my jacket and I got paint on it luckily that the paint could come off easily.We were painting on black paper.Also we were painting our planet we had to paint them all White, we had to do three codes of paint.
But it was still very cool doing painting.

After lunch time we had to do ssd it means super silent drawing.It was kind of boring doing drawing.Then we were allowed to go out side and play a game on the field until the home bell rings.Some of us were playing touch , but I was playing soccer
with my friends.

I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow I hope it will be fun.

I will tell you what going to happen tomorrow.
See you next time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day One

This is Tuesday the 15th of November, this is the day that all of the year six's go to Kawau Island for camp except for me and my cousin Mary,Jessica and my friends Caroline,Makalita and Vanessa. My other friend Serena is gone to Kawau Island with the other year six's for camp, it is kind of lonely with her not around.Now some of my friends and cousins want to go to camp now even me but I am not allowed to go because of my skin its get worse in the summer season.
Today at school I was in room eighteen.All of the people that did no go to camp had to be in room eighteen with Mr Slade.
It was a bit lonely being the only year six's at school.Also the work was so boring because it wasn't that much fun.At least I am still with most of my friends.I want to go to a different class but I don't want to be a bad girl so I am going to stay in room eighteen even if it is going to be boring.

We will be doing painting and playing Ripper Rugby tomorrow.

This is day 1 being the only year six's at school.

I will be back to post what happen in day two see you next time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Year Six Going To Do At Camp Benzon

I am not going to camp, so the other people that are going to camp are going to have a lot of fun.They will be doing fun activity's all day long.

Camp Benzon is in the North cove.The only way that you can get to Camp Benzon is by a ferry.

I am not going to camp, so I do not know what I am looking forward to do.But I know that they are going to do sailing and eat yummy food.They have there own chief and he will wake up at 4:00am to cook bread for them to eat in the morning.

A challenge for me is sailing.But I don’t know if sailing is going to be a challenge because I am not going to camp.It sounds really hard to me.

I wish that I could go to camp but I am not allowed because of my ex mar.
Have you been to Camp Benzon ?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comment

Did you know that a comet is made out of ice cream?(Just jokes)It is really made out of rocks,ice,and gas.Can you believe that the comets tail is not always at the back,when the comet is coming near the sun the tail is at the back.But when it passes the sun the tail is in the front.It is like the tail has to stay away from the sun I think.

As we were all waiting I really wanted to start,because when we finish making our comment we could eat it our comment .Mr Sommerville and Miss Garden had just finish and that mean that we were able to start now.We were all siting up to go first,I was lucky that Miss garden picked me and some other people to go first.When we got I got my Ice cream in my hand it was already melting so I had to start moving outside.

I was given duct for my ice cream so I started to roll it around my ice cream.When I was finish I got a cone.The dust wasn't real dust it was biscuit crumbs,Hundreds and thousands,also chocolate sprinkles.When I took my first lick is was really nice, that it made me wanting to have more dust on my ice cream.

Then there were the boys turn to put there dust on their ice cream,as they got their dust they kept no scavenging for more
dust. Lucky that Mr Sommerville was there because there wouldn't be any for other people.I poked my thump into my cone and it made a hole in my cone.

These are thing you can use to make a comment out of ice cream
Dust-biscuit crumbs,Hundreds and thousands,also chocolate sprinkles.
Tail- cone
Also ice cream.
If you want to make a comment ice cream you just have to follow the things that I have route down.
I hope you in joy having a comment ice cream.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Space Junk

This is my presentation that I have done, it is about space junk.

I hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best Food Ever

When my mum said to me and my dad what we wanted to eat, it was my chance to have Carl’s Junior for the forth time .So I said “Carl’s Junior” to my mum and she said “O.K”. This was after my ear appointment.

As I got into the car and took a look at what I got ,it wasn’t what I asked for.I told my mum and she don’t worry about it.But when we got home, she took a look at my food and said that not enough to make you full. Maybe because they were in a rush, there was lot of people there.

I was happy that I got Carl's Junior , but angry about my food because I never got what I asked for.Maybe The man that asked me what I wanted to eat couldn’t hear properly. I still wanted to go back and get my money or get what I asked for.

What will you do if they didn’t give you what you asked for, will you go back and ask for your money back.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Facts About Cockroach

A cockroach can last with out there heads for about a week.
They have been around for about 300 millions years.
Also can last with out food for about a mouth.
Cockroach likes to eat old and left over food from peoples food.
Was alive when the dinosaurs were alive.
Cockroach can lay lots of egg at one time instead of at the time.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Warriors VS Manly Sea Eagles

This is going to be about the Manly Sea Eagles playing against Warriors.They played in in Sydney which is in Australia. The name of the stadium is ANZ stadium isn’t that funny.

James Maloney was the first person to get points on the score broad for the Warriors. It was by a penalty kick, because one of the Manly players hit a Warrior player in the head
with his elbow. But the Sea Eagles nearly got a try before the penalty but it wasn’t awarded.

George Rose is in the Manly Sea Eagles team, but he went one Report . It was because he hit Aaron Heremaia and now he has talk to the head leaders of the NRL.They will decide if he should be punished or let off with a warning.

Manly Sea Eagles won the game and the score was 24-10 .The Warriors played good, they should not be ashamed about loosing because it was awesome that they made it into the finals.

How The Haka Was Invented

This is my groups haka put together,It shows how the Kamate haka was invented.

Rwc Poster

This is a poster that I did , it is a Fatu Feu'u
pattern. Hope you like my poster.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

AFL Coaching.

Isn't AFL an Australian game?I was Intrigued when
I heard there were Aussie Rules coaches,coming
in to teach us how to play.We are kiwi kids!

The first technique we had to master was the drop punt,
in Aussie Rule coaching.Then we got up to playing a game and our teachers were our targets.”I am going to get you Miss Garden” but I didn’t manage to hit her with the ball.

As we were mastering the hand pass technique, It was really painful hitting the ball to our partner. Because we had hit it hard to get to were our partner is standing.Ouch my hand is sore!

The last technique was the high mark.It means if you catch it on a full, no one is allowed to tackle you or touch you.It is good thing if you are next to the goal post, because you can get a point for you team.” It not as easy as it looks” I thought to my self .

I’m looking forward to putting all these skills into practice, when we get to play a real game of AFL next week.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Make A Thung Cai Boat.

1. Cutting long poles of green bamboo.

2.Scrape off the the outer skin.

3.Slice it into thin slate.

4. Soak the slats in water.

5.When weaving pull tight to give it a round shape.

6. tie the weaving around the thung cai and wipe it with resin to protect it from the sun and sea water also from rotting.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What Rugby Game Coming Up

This is going to be about rugby.

There will be a rugby game it is going to be the England v Georgia.It will start this week Sunday the 18th.Kick off will be at 18:00 which means 6:00, Dunedin at Otago Stadium.My prediction is that Georgia will win 17,8.

But who do you think is going to win?

Sorry I tried to put a picture on but it didn't work.

Rugby World Ceremony

On Friday the 9th, they was a huge celebration to start the rugby world cup.It was so cool that people was able to watch it on TV live.There was a lot of people in town, that there was hardly no space to move around.

For my trip to town, I caught the bus to Britomart, and I was in the same bus as shoal and Jasmin.One time this man and his wife or his girlfriend showed their rugby ticket and they were supposed to get a free bus ride but he didn’t. We stopped at the next bus stop to pick up more people, they showed their rugby ticket and they did get a free ride because my mum said that to bus driver if you have a rugby ticket you get a free bus ride.

In town,me my mum and dad where struggling to get threw the massive crowd. When we found a spot to watch the big screen I was to small to see it so my dad had to put me on his shoulder .I saw lots of people dressed in red and white and also black and white.

Although the city struggled with the huge crowds, most people agreed that the opening ceremony was a huge success.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rugby World Cup Begins ALL BLACK v TONGA

This is going to be about the ALL BLACK Vs TONGA.

Tomorrow Friday the 9th the rugby world cup will begin the ALL BLACK and the TONGAN team will be playing .My prediction is that Tonga is going to win by 38,22 I can't wait to see there haka it is going to be so cool to watch them. I hope that they are going to do it at the same like they did before it is like they are having a challenge at doing the haka, that will be my favorite part .I want Tonga to hammer the All Blacks.

Who do you think is going to win out of the Tonga and the All Blacks?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How The Haka Came About

Te Rauparaha was a famous Maori chief who is supposed to have created the words to our Ka mate haka.
I have animated him fighting with his enemies.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Charlie and Marias life

What you will see is what I did in reading with Miss garden.

Hope you like it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My TekoTeko

I have chosen a fierce Tekoteko because it protects the marae from harm and the people, also from enemy and bad

I hope you like it, even though it should be brown but I chose purple and yellow so you can see it properly.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Quiz

This is my quiz some of my question might be hard for you.

Hope you like it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

All Blacks Rugby Team Web Page

This is going to be all about the All Blacks rugby team.

You will see pictures that is mostly about the All Blacks.Like the All blacks captain
and other thing that is about the All Blacks.

I hope you liked it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Irish Rugby team Web Page

This is going to be about the Irish rugby team.

Pt England was chosen to support the Irish rugby
team.I only knew when our teacher told us and when we started researching it. If you want to see more about the rugby world cup you will have to go on to the rugby world cup site, also you can buy tickets on the rugby world cup site as well.

I hope you liked it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Want To Do In The Holidays

In the holidays I want to go to the pools.I want to go to the pools because I want to learn how to swim.I am only use to swimming in goggles because if I open my eyes in the water my eyes would get red because of the chlorine.b Long time ago my dad got me some goggles ,and told him that we were finish swimming. He said than that is a waste of time for me buying you goggle, I think he said that?But then he said I might take you to the pools when it is a rainy day. On raining days my day doesn't go to work, I think because he works outside.The pools that I want to go to is the YMCA pools in Panmure, but the only thing is that I like swimming in warm pools.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MY Flag

This is a flag that I designed. It represent my family culter, hope you like my flag that I drew mum and dad if you see it.

We Need A courtyard Make Over

The paragraph that is in red is the one that my class mate Logan marked.
He gave me a 9 / 12 that is cool that I got a 9 / 12.

Our courtyard needs a make over because, our other play area are crowed when the grass closed in the winter time.

We got really ugly things in our courtyard , like our drain it has mud inside of it and grass growing out of it.Also our drinking fountain it is old and the tap is broken and it is coming out of the wall .I don’t like the drain because that is the most thing that takes up the whole space in the courtyard.So when we give our courtyard a make over, I am going to cover the drain that is more likely a ditch, I really want to cover it with concrete and put a new drain so i am.

No one likes to play in our courtyard because there are no objects there to play with . We have seen kids play in our courtyard sometime , but they will get into trouble by a teacher. So if we re-make our courtyard and turn it into a hard court play area then student can be able to play in our courtyard , instead of getting into trouble by the teacher. Also if we make the courtyard into a play area we can make more space to play in when the fields are closed.

If we can make the courtyard into a better play area, we can try entice kids to come and play in our courtyard.But that can only happen if we give our courtyard a extreme make over.Also if we don’t give it a make over we would lots waste of space in our courtyard . We also need to make more play areas because the fields are closed in the winter time .When the fields are closed the breeze and the big court are really crowed,that make it hard to play games.

This is why we need to redesign our courtyard. Do you think you can help us?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crusaders vs The Reds


In the weekends on Sunday, there was a rugby game it was the Crusaders vs the Red. I went for the Red because, I don't like the Crusaders that much.I aways went for any team when we watch a rugby match.But the team that I mostly like is the blues they are my favorite not the Crusaders.The Crusader couldn't catch the ball ,they even couldn't past it properly as well.But to bad the reds won better next time for the Crusaders. hope you watch the Crusader vs the red last week in the weekends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oktapodi Part 2

The female octopus puts herself in a sling shot mode to save her boyfriend from the seagull. Then she shoots out black ink into the seagulls eye to stop it from getting away with her boyfriend. After that they both started to fall into the water holding each other .

Then they swam happily together far out in the sea where no one could find them. Until, a net from a big ship swooped them both up in the net with all the other fish in the net as well. They managed to pretend that they were dead so the ship workers would throw them back into the sea, and it worked.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is what I do with Miss Garden For Reading

This a picture of my web hope you like it?

This is what I do with my reading group and with the teacher Miss Garden. It is a picture of a web,It is about what happen in the story. This was what we had to do in reading with Miss Garden , she is a very cool teacher to do reading with she is a very nice and cool teacher.Like doing reading with Miss Garden because she aways gives us cool reading work to do, that why I like doing reading with her doesn't my web look cool.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Persuasive Writing

I think we should all have , one television free day per week . There are many reasons for this.
This can give you a better bed time for school the next day, and will give you more family time to have fun with them .

Firstly if you turn off your T.V once a day per week, you will get to bed earlier and be ready for school the next day. You can also do great work in class and give your teacher a happy day.

Secondly you would be able to have, more time with your family to have fun . You could go to the movies with them and watch a movie together .

I believe that turning off your T.V once a day would be a good idea. Don’t you?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Partly Cloudy

This is my picture that I drew in tux paint.

Title , Partly Cloudy

The main characters are a stork and a shady black cloud .

This movie is set up in the sky.

It started when the stork's delivered the new born babies to their homes and families .

There was one stork that found it hard to deliver the new born babies that the black shady cloud created for him. The babies
were dangerous creatures and different to the other new born babies .

At the end of the movie the stork went to another cloud to get some amour, that was when the shady black cloud got angry and show angry face. The shady black cloud was thinking his stork was leaving him for another cloud, but the stork came with a bag of amour to protect himself from getting hurt even tought he was already hurt.

I rated this movie ten out of ten. I rated it ten out of ten because it was a really interesting and very funny movie, and there were also lots of cute new borns were created.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Make Over Courtyard Edition.

This is going to be about making room seventeens courtyard into a play area and what is our plan with our to make a play area .

1. Me and Jessica have chosen to add a basketball hoop in my courtyard plan.

We have decided to add a basketball hoop because our courtyard would be great to turn into a hard court area.

I have researched and found a picture of a basketball hoop that can stick to the ground , but it is suppose to stick on to the wall I don't know what the price is as well. I have to do some more research to find out what the price is.

2. Our second idea was to put concrete in the grass area.

We both have decided to make the grass concrete so we can have a picnic table there, it better than siting on the deck because one time I was really tired and wanted to go sleep not until I felt something in my arm and it was really sharp , it was right in my arm I had to pull it out but it was stinging so I really couldn't.

I have being doing some research on picnic tables with my buddy Jessica , we didn't find out what the price are on picnic tables so we have do some more researching.

3. Our third idea was to put a new drinking fountain in the courtyard.

We decided to put in a new drinking fountain because the old fountain in room seventeen courtyard is really ruined and is busted.

Me and my buddy haven't found the price of our drinking fountain so we are going to have to do some more research to find out what the price is , but Jessica found it that would great.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Having Miss M on Fridays

Today room seventeen are having Miss M for our teacher today. She is a very good artist and she teaches glee .
We are doing our sketches , we got kite and our kites were from Miss M. It was for our art work. Then we all had to finish designs so we can put it on our kite.
That what the kite was for when we are finish we will print it on the kite . After that we all got to get our work all laminated kite.

Watch out for my finished kite....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As I was walking to the girls changing room to get change into my swimming tog to get ready for swimming . When I was finished getting change I started to walk over to the big pool.

When I was swimming in the big pool , I was worried because in the middle of the big pool was really deep.

The biggest problem in swimming is that my legs need to be a bit longer so I can touch the ground or tipe toe.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Oktapodi Movie Review

This movie is called oktapodi ,it is about two octopuses a male and female octopus and also a chef.

It was set in a small village in Greece .

The main action is about the male octopus saving the female octopus from a chef so she can’t be chopped up and cooked for someones to eat for there dinner.

The main message is never let go of someone that you love and care about most in hole world.

I would tell my family and friends to watch this movie because it is very interesting and is a lot shorter and funnier than other movies.

If you want to watch the movie click on this

Friday, May 27, 2011

Redesigning My Latop Mouse

Our task today was to redesign our computer mouse using our own imagination. I added some eyes for the button's of my mouse. I replaced my original mouse for a sponges bob mouse . I made the mouse bigger so it easier to work with .

I made my mouse into a sponge bob mouse so it can be squishy, and I can wash it when it is dirty. I add a fast control mouse so that it will never let me down. I made the eyes bigger on my mouse buttons so that it can be easier when I work.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Technology Challenge

When Miss Ouano explained to us that we all will be doing a technology challenge , I was really excited.Also she said that we had to be in a group of three.

The challenge was to make something out of six pieces of new paper that would start from the table and finish on the floor like a bridge. Oh we had to use a small marble to roll it down your bridge , we had to have a curve bit on our bridge as well.

As me , Caroline and Vanessa started thinking about what we were going to do for our challenge, we all came up with different ideas. My idea was to make pipe, I had the same idea as Vanessa. Caroline’s idea was to make a cylinder shape pole and it was fantastic, so we went with her idea.

I felt that my group did a really good job because we all worked together and we never wasted any time. Also we all had something we could do ,we never frighted over anything and we didn’t care that it was ugly. We didn’t care if we lost at least we got the job done and had lots of fun.

If we had chance to do it again I wouldn’t make any changes . Because I liked the way it was before, if we made a new one it will be more harder. It is better to make the same one you made before so you can finish early so it will be easy and you will already know what your going to do .

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote For The Best Intorduction.

After you have read my two amazing introduction please vote and tell me which one hooks you in the most. My first paragraph is going to be about going straight into a highlight , my second one is about my feeling.Vote for the best one in the comment at the bottom.
Yea I get to decorate the cake with lots of lollies for my little cousins birthday with my two cousins Mary and Jessica. Oh that right it was at my Nana's house. We can make it with jelly beans in different colours I said .

I feel novice decorating the cake at lease Mary and Jessica was there to help me, I had a little funny feeling inside me that we might get it wrong.But it turn out just perfectly fine . We can put other yummy lollies around the cake as well. Holy the cake looks delicious I wish that I could eat it right now ,but I can’t.

Friday, April 8, 2011

my Pt England Flag

Hi my name is Alexandria and I am going to tell you about my flag. My one is going to be about my school . First we had to chose a word ,the words were Respect, Joy , Hope, and Honesty. I chose Respect because it is such a nice word, and if you treat people with respect they will do it back to you in a very nice way. Then I had to sketch my art work When I was finished. I had to use the vivid and had to go over my pencil sketch , then I was finish, I was allowed to start painting. I first painted the back round of my bird then i was finished and had to start painting my respect word it was colour red, blue, green, also yellow and back round is light blue like baby blue.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can Animals Go With Out Food?

Most animals common eat at summer then don’t eat for a while. But snakes Eats at summer but when Winter turn up. The snakes would curl up and sleep for mouth.

In winter the snakes would have a period of rest, The food that was stored in side the snakes. It would turn in to fat. As they are still sleeping they would use it up in the winter time when they are still sleeping.When winter is gone they would be so skinny.Because they used up there fat.Bears do the same as the snakes.

Camels have a hump on them. It is filled with lots of food, people didn’t know about this. They can walk for long in the desert with out eating.


The Spartans had honesty and courage. They lived in ancient Greece with lot of love and freedom around them.

There were boys that were taken from there family. They were trained to fright in wars.Years past they became stronger and stronger then they were soldiers ,they frighted in wars and killed lots of people.

The men captured many people and kids to work for them and do thing for them. They were slaves they had to do everything they say or they might kill them.

The women were very tough they would celebrate when their son had won a battle. If they lost and was defeated there mother would kill them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

GUESS WHAT!!! Last week on Friday Japan had a Earthquake. After that the Earthquake made the plate move to ca tsunami it made a big wall of water as it was moving in it started to get bigger and bigger when it hit land houses were destroyed and in bit of wood lot of people got tarp in side by the water. On body could annihilate the size of it.

Did you know that When everyone inJapan was doing there own thing a Earthquake hit it was so bad that it made people tarp inside and killed it will be such a heart breaking time for peoples love one that a dead or no were to be seen. As all the building were shaking and glass breaking it was hard for people to get out because they were shocked and scared. Houses were now crushed and damaged.

Some how when the Earthquake ocured, it caused the plates to move and cause a Tsunami to hit . As the wall of water was coming in, it was starting to get bigger and bigger.It destroyed the coast of Japan. People that lived in the coast of Japan was lucky enough to get a way from it but not unlucky people that got traped was very sad.People were trying to get a way from the wall of water by leaving all there thing and going in to the car getting away as fast as they can.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Eqrthquake

My story is going to be about Christchurch earthquake.

On Tuesday Christchurch had an earthquake it was so bad that all of the building fall down and got people trapped inside. As they were trying to get there self out they could hear other’s crying. But people that survive was trying to help some other to get out.After that there rescuer came with help they mange to save lots of people that were in pain it was so heart breaking that some people’s love one had been badly in pain or was in a lot of injures.

After a few hours later it was starting to be dark,but the rescue were still looking for other people.
Soon there was a big dark gray cloud came by. Then it was staring to rain they the rescuer went to go and got a dog to help the rescuer find people that were still trapped.When they found some people that were helping were very happy.