Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Writing Sample November 2013 Alexandria

It was a peaceful night Grace and her friends Mary and Jessica, were sleeping after a fun night.It was Graces first time being at her friends house it was huge.As she was sleeping she felt that there was an unpleasant presence.

Grace suddenly woke up to a whisper in her ear. Frightened and scared she looked for her friends for comfort.She couldn't find them anywhere in the room, grace started to panic. Where could they be?she wondered. What could of happened to them what might happen to me in this place, I thought to myself.

Remembering the whisper in her ear sent shivers down her spine. As she was standing there thinking. The door creaked open she jumped in shock.Scared to even make a inch of movement.There was another whisper, “what do you want from me” she shouted. but there was no reply.

She stood there in silence. she could feel that there was something behind her.She turned to see what it was. In an instant she was being dragged out of the room and down the hall.Eyes shut close screaming help, hope that someone would come to her rescue.They stopped the unknown figure was gone.

Grace opened her eyes to find her two friends Mary and Jessica standing in front of her.Tears of joy filled up in. Graces eyes. She ran to give them a hug.”Where were you guys” she asked.”We were in the kitchen getting something to eat” they replied.” Your house is haunted” I said my voice shaking.They both started to laugh” sorry about that it was our brother he likes to scare our friends when they come over.Phew I thought that it was a ghost.