Monday, December 10, 2012

Year Eights At Camp "YAY"

Last week the year eights went to camp.It was really peaceful with out them I was in room 21 with Jessica my Cousin and Serena my best friend. Everybody got along, for the whole week we mostly did prize giving practice.It was kind of boring when we had to keep on repeating the dance.But knowing the whole dance is really cool.I had so much fun without the year eight because there was no bully's,but some year eights didn't go.On Friday we played capture the flag.When we just finished the year eights came back.I wasn't that happy to see them I wished that they would stay at camp for 2 weeks.But that wouldn't come true.

Netbook Reflection 2012

The positive thing about my netbook is the internet has become faster and we get to use the internet at home.Only for the people that takes there net books home on weekdays,weekends and holidays.The thing that I mostly enjoy doing on my netbook at school is Math Whizz and Xtra Maths.But at home is games and music. It is really helpful when we need to find something out for our reading task  we can research it on our net books.Also it's really easy for the teacher to see our writing we just need to share it into the right folder and she will be able to check it any time or at home.When I take my netbook home I don't really do my learning I mostly play games and I think that all.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Year Seven Team Building

Last week on Thursday the 29th we had year seven team building while the year eight were at tech,also having fun.The teachers came up with this to see who would be a great prefect for next year.But who ever is a prefect didn't have to be good at sports.We were split up into groups and was given a task to do.We had to make a Christmas tree out of paper and the material that we were given.It was about  communication, participation and leader ship.

Every person did something excepts two people in our group they were wasting the new paper making anything.But we all worked together and got the job done.Each group had to present there Christmas tree  on a table and sing a Christmas song.I was really shy when it was our groups turn.After that we had morning tea I couldn't wait because we have another activity.

BARING BARING!! that was the second bell for morning tea all the year seven rushed to the street and lined up into our groups.It was a little bit raining but we still all made our way to the netball courts and saw Mr Brakes waiting for us.he gave us intrusions on what we had to do.Once we got ready to start Mr brakes explained it again just in case.I started to get irritated with him because he kept on talking.

Finally we could start"on your mark get set go"everybody holding hands running to the hula hoop.We had to get through the hula hoop without  letting go of each other hands.getting thorough making our way to get our martial.Which was a piece of tape and news paper.Four people had to repeat the process to get more equipment.

We had to make a ball that would be stable to shoot  in a sling shot.Three people from your group was with the sling shot and the others had to go out and catch the paper ball. It was really hard because it was raining.You had to catch  the paper ball three times to get three balloon and when you have all three balloon your group had to sit in a line with there hands on there heads.

We had to do it again but just to get tape.We got our three balloon really easily.I had so much fun doing the year seven team building. I hope we get to do it again even we might not.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Narrative Writing Sample

Pure blue sky with no clouds in site with the suns warm shine on my bare skin. . My family suggested that we  should take a walk in a bush at Otahuhu “ Its going to be boring” my brother kristan said. ”Stay home if you don’t want to come  “ I shouted back”. “Remember to bring an umbrella” I shouted out to my dad.

Speeding down the motorway we got to the bush in no time .”Hurry up and get out “  I told my brother. ”Cool” Looking at the different kinds of trees.30 minutes later I started moaning “ this is taking for ever”.I felt a drop of water slid down my cheek.Out of nowhere it started pouring down we all ran to the umbrella but couldn’t fit.

Then there was a sudden bang we all jumped in fright.” What’s that” I said looking up into the sky there was smoke coming from a tree near us. Suddenly the hole bush went on fire.We all froze in fright we got to our senses and tried to get out of this place.So we tried to run back to the car even if it was to far,but a tree fell right in front of us also it was on fire.Being right close to fire was really sacrey I could hear fickering sounds.Lucklly my mom pulled me back.Even rain couldn’t stop the fire.

Desperate to make it out alive,we tried the other way but my mom and dad made a decision to stop trying.” Just keep going and leave us” we couldn’t just leave out parents .So we cuddled up and waited to be burned or to be saved.

 There was bright light it was shining down on the bush they spotted us.They threw down the ladder and tried telling us to climb the ladder.We couldn’t hear them because or the black smoke but we knew what to do.Climbing the ladder one by one making our way to the top.” Are you guys alright” a rescuer asked us.

The Eclipse

“Theres an eclipse happening” a voice coming from outside.The whole class was pushing and shoving to see the eclipse.Everyone  felt special because a eclipse only happens every twenty years.People were making the most of the time taking videos and pictures,before the eclipse disappears.I heard screams “your face is purple” people were saying to each other because there looked up into the sun too long.Suddenly it went dark and there was a shivering breeze.Everyone looked up and in surprise we could all see it properly. ”Whoa” I said out loud.But we didn’t have a perfect look at the eclipse like other people.At least we got to see a eclipes.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Film Festival


Wednesday the 14th Pt England went to watch the Manaiakalani Film Festival.But left at different times, for example the year seven and eights left school during lunch time.So we had lunch at 12:30pm. We were all told that when the bell rang for the  lunch eating  we had to be at class.To get ready to leave to Sylvia park for   Manaiakalani.We hopped in the bus and off we went to our destination Sylvia park.It was quite noise when we all started walking inside the mall.Walking up the stairs making our way into the movies.We sat into our seats and waited for the movie to start.Finally the lights started dimming down.The first movie was Tamaki College (One Direction East side styles). But my Favourite Video was One Direction and The Test.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Faovrite Toy Animation

This is a movie about my favorite toy when I was little.I hope you enjoy watching my animation.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebrating Serena Birthday

Saturday the 20th of October.Six of us girl ( Serena , Vivienne , Mary L, Jessica , Sane , Alex ) went to celebrate Serena Birthday .First we went to Pack'n'Save to get something to eat for the Movies.We got our tickets and went into cinema 7 to watch Pitched Perfect, but there was a problem,There were people sitting in our seat because they gave us ticket for Sunday.So we went back to the counter and told them  that they gave us ticket for Sunday, and it took him for ever to give us ticket for Saturday.Finally we got our tickets we ran to the man that checked our  ticket then we ran to cinema 7 so we don't miss out the movie. Luckily we made it before the movie started.It was really funny and cool but there was a ugly bit when she spied up on the stage.This boy group where very good at singing but there leader was a jerk.But it still was a great movie my favourite part was the end.After the movie we went to mega zone for laser strike.We were the blue team it was really hard but fun.I didn't follow the rules no one did we weren't allowed to run but everybody did.Blue had the biggest base which made it harder to protect.We versed little kids and still lost.Then we went to get Wendy's and ate at Mission Bay.It was a really fun day and we all had lots of fun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Holidays

For the past week I haven't been having that much fun. Because everyday there was something I had to clean.But yesterday I had the most fun time ever, I got to play with my cousins. Mary and Jessica we played all sorts of games.Like shot pot, lapa , racing kind of but different.My Favourite game was lapa me and Jessica against Mary and Serena, it was cool until Serena left because there were not enough players. Then we played shot pot Mary won the first round and I won the second round.It felt like it was the best time of my life.

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Goal

This animation is about my goal this term which was cross country.Hope you enjoy.

Little White Riding Hood

This story is made up my me myself it is kind of weird, hope you enjoy if too long sorry.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Little White Riding Hood. She lived in a village near the woods. People thought she was weird because she always wore a white  cloak. Kids loved to hang out with her because of her personality. One time she was told by her mother that she had to take a basket full of food to her grandmother in the middle of the woods. Also was told not to trust anyone mostly the wolf and the three little pigs they were very dangerous.

As Little White Riding Hood was walking down the path she saw a woodcutter she walked pass him really quickly.There was three little pink girls having a picnic.When she went to say hello she realized who they were. The dangerous three  little pigs, out came a shadow from behind a tree.The wolf that has a mole on his face that her mother never mention.Little White Riding Hood couldn't  bear looking at the wolfs hideous face even the three little pigs she thought they were ridiculous because of how wide they were.She chuckled in laughter, the wolf and the three  little pigs were very angry because of her attitude.

As they were about to attack little white riding hood the woodcutter saw what was going on.So he went to the wolf and the three  little pigs and told them to “leave".(woodcutter) “We'll be back to take revenge on this girl for laughing at us because of the way we look"  (wolf and the three little pigs) . "My name is Little White Riding Hood and I am not scared of you and your friends".  ( Little White Riding Hood) "Lets see about that " (The three littlepigs) , then went away with the wolf.

" Even if they don't look like they are dangerous they are, little one so make sure you will look after your self OK".  ( wood cutter) "OK" (Little White Riding Hood) but when she was walking to her grandmother's she saw shadows behind trees following her she knew who it was .The wolf with a mole on his face and his friends.She turned and screamed "come out "

There was a evil giggle as they were coming out."No woodcutter around Little White what ever"  (said one pig). " why don't you guys leave me alone" ( Little White Riding Hood ) "Not until we get revenge on you" ( all of them ). “ Please don’t hurt me “ Little White Riding Hood begged “Then give us the basket” (one pig)
”Never”Then she started running to her grandmothers house.

All three pigs tried to catch Little White Riding Hood, but couldn't because there tummies were too heavy.The wolf tried and fail as well he hadn't ran in a long time and was old.Little White Riding Hood got to her grandmothers house huffing and puffing.She got inside  and saw her grandmother sitting in a chair still as a rock.Little White Riding hood looked into the basket and saw lots of raw meat she closed the basket and went to see the grandmother.

She couldn't believe her eyes  her grandmother is a Zombie chained to a chair.Little White Riding Hood wanted to regret coming to her grandmothers house.It was her first time going to her grandmothers and now she knows why her mother didn't let her come, because it wasn't safe.The door broke down and in came the wolf with his hideous face and his three friends.She found a key for the chain and unlocked the chain her grandmother woke up and went to eat the wolf and the three pigs they all screamed in pain.

Then she looked at Little White Riding Hood with blood all over her face,she started walking over to Little White Riding Hood “AHHH” Little White Riding Hood screamed in terror.The woodcutter came in and chopped the Little White Riding Hoods grandmothers head off.There was a tingle in her stomach, like she was pleased that the wolf and the the three pigs were dead even her grandmother.”Thank you for saving me”(Little White Riding Hood) “you welcome”(woodcutter)

                                                                             THE END

By Alexandria.J

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

London Olympic 2012

We have being following an athlete throughout the london olympic. The athlete I have been following is Siona Fernande's.I hope you enjoy my movie.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Education Van

In the life education van was all about making good choices and decisions in life, we learned that if the choices that you make is bad there will always be consequences.One thing I learned in the Life education caravan was that cancer can be anywhere in your body not just your lungs.Nicotine is found in tobacco products. Also that one smoke has up to 4000 chemicals.The smoke can easily trick the brain want more nicotine.The only way that you can give up smoking is to never start!

Monday, July 30, 2012


This is going to be about basketball.Our tutors were Ty and Sha .We started our day with fitness.Also we had basketball at the netball courts.

“Run faster Jessica “ I shouted out to her.I didn’t want to be the only one that still needed to have a turn .We had to run to the line and jump stop then turn around and run back for the next person to go.

Then we tried with a basketball we had to dribble the ball to the line jump stop turn and dribble .The ball back so the other person can have a turn.The tutors said to run and jump and do One Two then pivot and run back and pass the ball to the next person to go.

After we finished we got to play a game.It was grils against boys, it was really hard.I got out because Jessica ran into me and her lbowl hit me in the ribs.But Me and Tina Made her get out by talking to her when she was playing.

I had so much fun playing basketball.Also I learned to dribble the ball fast,I think I did really good.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Facts About The Olympic Flag

Do you know who found the rings carved on an altar stone?.

Pierre De Coubertin wanted to created a banner to represent Olympism. He revealed the Olympic rings in 1914 at the Paris Congress.He wanted to memorialize the 20th Anniversary of modern games. The flag he created was made up of five rings.The colors of the five rings are,Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,Green.The white background on the olympic flag means peace and truth's.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This painting is my favorite place, it is our school rugby field. It is my favourite place because I can play with my friends and my cousins there, also I love to play rugby.
Henri Matisse is the artists whose style I chose for my painting. His style of painting is called Fauvism. I tried to exaggerate my colours for expressive effect, just like Henri Matisse did.
The hardest part for me was painting, because I had to be careful not to paint the wrong thing. But outlining with a vivid was really easy.The thing I like about my painting are the trees because they stand out in the background. I think my final product is alright.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Kristan And Claude's Rugby Game

In weekends on Saturday I went to watch my two brothers play rugby.Kristan and Claude were playing against each other,De La Sell VS Dilworth Kristan said he was going to wear his predator boots to catch Claude.But when he jumped onto the field there was no action.He kept on telling Claude to run the ball up but he didn't.Some boys on the side line said to Kristan "Kristan smash Claude.Then changed there mind and said "Claude smash Kristan.

The score was 20 something to 0 De la sell lost.I was mocking Kristan, I said to him "Kristan what happen to your predator boots" and he said nothing. Then Claude said to him"how does it feel to lose on your home field and Kristan said"get away from me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Over time Modern art and painting styles have changed and developed.These periods of time have been characterised by different artist that are getting famous and so did their style. Therefore the particular style becomes famous and start  change modern art.

                      HENRI MATISSE   
Henri Matisse  was one of the great masters of 20th century art. Matisse ignored the great social and historical events of the 20th century as suitable subject for his art. Instead he explained his preference, “Of what he dreamed. He dreamed of an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matters.
Picasso's style of art drawings  is looking at different perspectives.
  He was known all over the world, and his style of painting was cubism. This highly talented Spanish painter was a sculptor as well.  Mr Picasso was born in Spain in the year 1881 October the 25,Pablo Picasso was the most famous artist of the 20th century. He was Spanish and spent most of his life in France.

                     VINCENT VAN GOGH

Vincent Van Gogh was a dutch painter that was the most famous modern artist. But in his time life he had a recognition and only sold one of his painting.
    He was born March the 30th 1853 in the land of Groot-Zundert in the Southern area Netherland. When he was 16 years He was born on March the 30,1853 and his birthplace was Groot-zundert,near Breda lands. Once Vincent Van Gogh had died by a gunshot his sister in law had took his place and sold all of his paintings and then van gogh had become famous after his death


Impressionism  was a movement of art in the 19th century.It was originated in Paris by a group of artists.The style was named after one of Claude monet’s title of one of his  art works.



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Planning Character Description

Miss Va'afusuaga is short, but has beautiful white teeth.And has short dark brown and black hair . She is always busy because she has to coach the sport teams and take them to their games.I like playing games with Miss Va'afusuaga because she is really cool.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last week on Friday team five had Tonga time.It is when you split up into groups and do fun thing's.I was with Mrs Nua, our task was to draw something that represents Pt England school. The group that I am in is doing culture, Because we have lots of different cultures in our school like pacific Islander, Maori, Indian, Chinese.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh was a dutch painter. He was one of the most famous painter modern art.But had little reckon nation and sold only one painting . He was born March the 30th 1853 in the land of Groot-Zundert in the Southern area Netherland. When he was 16 years He was born on March the 30,1853 and his birthplace was Groot-zundert,near Breda lands. Once Vincent Van Gogh had died by a gunshot his sister in law had took his place and sold all of his paintings and then van gogh had become famous after his death.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anzac Poem

A nation unified
People respecting  those
who have died for the peace of our land
A time to remember and reflect
We will always remember them.

By Alexandria and Oshania

Friday, April 20, 2012


Last term I played in the rugby sevens.Me Mary and Serena made it in the rugby sevens.Me and Serena played fullback and wing.One game I was stepping all of them and when I got to the try line I drop the ball. There was this other funny thing this huge girl was running to the try line she went pass mary because she wacked her backwards.So I ran after her and she pushed me backward but I never gave up and chased her down and TACKELED her.After running after the huge girl I was really tired. When I was running after the huge girl I thought that my team was behind be but they weren't.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Can't Wait For Hoildays To Finish

Holiday has been boring that's why I can't wait school to start. The thing I mostly do at home is riding my bike with my cousins Mary and Jessica.We play cops and robbers it was really cool.I want school to start because I like going to tech.Also there is lots of things you can do at school but not like the hoildays I do nothing.When I am bored I go and tell my mum and she say "go do your reading"and I say "aw".

Friday, April 13, 2012


Today I went to the movies with my brother claude and dad.We watched Warth of the Titans 3D it was okay.When rocks cumbled off the clif it looked like it was really going to fall on me.Most of the parts were cool but little weren't.My eyes got a little bit sour when I was watcing the movie because I wasn't use to watching 3D movies.When the movie was finished we went and played some machines at the time out.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


The holidays has been boring for the last few weeks I have been doing
nothing.Some times I play with my little cousin. One time I decorited cup
cake with my little cousin it was really yummy.When we finished we got to do
face painting.Me and Jessica painted each other faces we did a clown on our
faces , when she paints my face I couldn't stop laughing because it feels funny,
Jessica painted my lips because I didn't close my mouth.After that we stopped
and went to wash our face because none of us wanted to leave it on.That kind of
the only fun thing I have done in the holiday lately.I have to do reading all
the time which is kind of fun but not really mostly when you want to do
something else.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Camp Info

One of our activies at camp was putting up the tents.

1 spread the tent out and start putting the poles in the strips and tie and string up at the top.
2 hammer some tent nails into the ends of the tent and the strings of the tent.(except the front)
3 put the sliver pole in the gap in front of the tent when you have done that put the sliver pole into these clips at the end of the sides.
4 Then pin down the front strings and you will have a tent I think. Sorry if wrong.


Tent fly
Tent pegs
Tent poles
Guy ropes

Friday, March 16, 2012

Best Time At Camp.

My high highlight was playing captain on deck with Mr Harris It was really hard because there was lots of new things.For example man over board you had to find a partner and one person had to lay on there tummy and the other putting there foot on there back.

My down highlight it was throw the egg. Me and Serena were partners for this game.When we started throwing the egg I was really sacred that it will crack on me.It kept on getting harder and harder because Serena had to keep on moving backwards. Finally the cracked on some on and that person was me.

Sticky smelly Egg dripping throw my fingers.With some on my head trying to wipe most of it on the grass which didn't work.Going to the toilet and meeting up with Oshania walking to the toilets two to wash the egg off her head.

First Day Of Camp

3 cups Edmonds standard plain flour
6 teaspoons Edmonds baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
75g butter
1 - 1½ cups milk, approximately
extra milk for glazing

What we did on the first day of camp.

Monday the 12th was the first day of camp. Our first task was cooking.We got into groups we had to look on the Internet and find a scone recipe.All of the people in the same group as me was on the same recipe.we had to write the recipe on a paper.Me and Serena was the first one to finish writing the recipe.

Then we started to make our dough for the scone.We wasted flour because one of us putted to much salt in the dough.Every time we do some thing we ask the teacher so we don’t wast the flour again.When we had to mix the dough me Serena and some one else used our hands to mash the butter.

We rolled the dough to make it flat and started using a cup to make circle shapes.Every time Senolita made a circle shape we putted it on to a silver tray.Finally we got the tray fulled up with circle shapes of dough.

Me and Senolita took the tray to the oven and when we got to the oven some other groups scones were going to get brunt.So Senolita went back and a group of girls ran to get there scones which was still in the oven.When they got it out Senolita pitted our group on scones in the oven.

When we got back every one was pealing patateo. We went to our group and started pealing patato, I couldn’t peal the patato properly because I had the stink pealer. Senolita and Serena went to check on our scones and they came back with our scones,t hey were puffed up.

When we finish pealing the patatos , Mrs Nua said “ you can now have a taest of your scone only one”.We all could smell our scones neck minute, when we got a scone and riped it in half it was raw.Only some of them were raw inside.Also it tasted like bread and salt.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pacific Festival

Sorry for no picture it couldn't work.
Saturday the 10th of March there was a Pacifica festival next to the Motal.I
was dancing because the youth group I was in had to dance.When I got there with
my mom and dad we took a walk around.It was like every island was selling hangi.
I had so much fun look at new things.Oh when we started walking around
there was this man play a flute wearing a horse mask. As we were walking I saw a bird that I haven't seen befor except for a pokeko.
We finally made it to the niuean stage there was lots of people at the niuean stage.We found our way though the crowd I saw my youth group and went to sit with them.

A pretty girl was dancing to a island song she was really good.When she finished she got changed into a different dress and danced to different song.She finally was finish when she was it was our turn to dance.We did the lords prayer and the solider dance.It was really shaming because people started to leave when we danced.When we finished I went off really fast.
I went to my mum and she went to get some thing to eat.We ate hangi I didn't really eat becuase I didn't like it that much.When we finished eating ymmum and dad went to pick my bother claude up from school he goes to boarding school I don't know what the name is sorry.I went looking around with my cousin and friend there were some people giving free lollie pops out so went to get some and got lots it was so funny.
We went back and had to leave to go home, we caught the bus home.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sane Brithday

On Saturday I went to Sane birthday withSerena,Jessica,Mary,Selina,Farra,and of course Sane.Farra and Sanes mom wasdriving, we were going to Skate land Paradise.We finally got to skate landparadise when we walked in the door we all walked to the counter.Ilooked inside the door and saw a girl she had blade skates on and she was skating onICE.
I didn't know my size of shoes to tell to the lady.I got skate's that I didn'tnow what size it was and it was a perfect fit. As I walked over to theice I was so sacred that I went back and waited for Serena and Jessica alsoSane.When we were all on the ice me and Jessica was sacred of fallingdown Because of the ice.
I finally got the hang of riding skates on ice it wasreally cool.Then I started to go fast and I had fun going really fast.Therewere some people that I don't know using these metal thing to balance on them when riding.We started to steel some other peoples metal thing to see how it felt.We had so much fun that we started to steel some more for all of us touse one.It wasn't me steeling other people things.When they got it I just played with them not steel them.
When people went off the ice and left there riding thing on the side of thewall.One of us will skate and and skate on the side of the wall and just pick it up and use it.I am not going to tell you who was the one who took other peoples things you have to guess your self .Here are the people that went to Sanes birthday.Serena,Jessica,Mary,Alexandria,Selina,Farra andSane.Try and guess who stole other peoples thing and here is a clue it was more than one person.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jelly Bean

When I first looked at the jelly bean I got it looked like a ginne pigs little poo.But when I took a little bite I was amazed that I was wrong, It tasted like a bowl of fruit salad .Also they were more better than the old jelly bean the old one where yuck that why I stopped eating jelly beans, but now thing are different.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reading Test

Today at school we had our reading test, this time I was in the muisc room and it wasn't grils or boy it was mixed.I felt sacred about the test and was hoping that I would do good and try to finish the test.Guest what I got it finished, it was really hard that I culdn't stop thinking about the hard questions anwered and hoped got it right.

I really hope my report is going to be good.I have wait and find out when I get my report.

I hope I do good on my Writing test?


Testing Week

This week is testing week for pt england school. Yesterday my class room 22
went to do there maths test.the year seven and eight grils were in the ICT room
and the year 8 and 7 boy were in the the miucs room.It was really hard and I
hope that I did really good becuase I want to move my maths level up to year
seven or eight.Also to make my mum and dad proud mostly try and better than my
brothers.Oh we did our test on the computure I never new we could do that.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alexandria Goals

Move my maths level up to year seven or maybe eight because I am a little bite behind . Also I need to Learn my time tables up to 12 and my decimals also I think I need to learn my take aways.

To Make This Maths Gaol Work
I am going to try and do my time tables at home every day or every time before I go to bed.To try and learn more about decimal at school.

Get better at reading longer words.Also I am going to try read everyday at home.Oh and even move my reading level up to year eight or sevens.

Make sense I think that is all.

To Make My Writing Goal Come True.
I post things on to my blog that helps me get better at my writing.Also I am going to try do some writing at home. Even if I don’t right now, but I am going to try and start practicing my writing.
SportsGoing to try and sign up for every sports.Also try and start doing running or riding the bike I think.

Monday, February 20, 2012

First day Of Netball With Liz

Thursday the 9th of February was room 22 first day of netball with Liz. We went to the court and Liz told us about what we were going to do.Then she told us to find a place to stand.She came around to look where we were standing she moved some people to stand in a different place like she told me.

The lesson we started with was passing the ball to our partner my partner was Hossanh. Then started doing bounce passing I think that what it called.After that we got into groups we had to jump and the other side group the person in the front had to pass the ball. When you jump over this thing that I don’t know what it called.I had so much fun doing netball lesson with Liz

I was more happier than ever when got into a game. It was year sevens against year eights.It was Serena,me,Jessica,and I don’t know who the other peoples names in the same team as me.We keep on getting lots of goal by team work.We were winning that Liz helped the year eights team.

did you enjoyed my writing?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Statistics Rm 22 Favorite Colors

This is what we have being doing for few days this week. It is about statistics, you will see a picture on your left. Its about room 22 favorite colors.You will be able to see that the color blue is the best.

Blue - 46.2

Friday, February 10, 2012


This is a picture that I drawled.It is about Respect, my one is putting up your hand when want to say something or have a question.

I hope you like it

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thing About Me

* I like to play rugby but I need to get better at tackling.

* I like to play netball but I don’t like playing because I am really short.

* I like do school work and blog post at home and I like improving in my school work.

* My funniest thing to do is play sports.But not all of the sports.

*I am not good at swimming, but I want to get better I am not because it is hard and the pool is deep.

*I want to learn lots of new things on my netbook.

* I am going to try and sign up for sports this year.

*My favourite colour is all of the colour because I think they are all cool.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Having My Netbook Back

I am in room 22 and today something really cool happened.I got my netbook back and its feels really good. In room 22 I feel happy and this class is really fun our teacher is Mrs Nua.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Going to Hamilton

On Friday the 23th of December, I went to Hamilton with some of my family. We were going to see the christmas lights. It feels like a long journey to Hamilton. When we all finally made it to Hamilton we were all very tired. As we started to walk to the entrance, all of us kids got so excited , we forgot how tired we were. I took a photo of my two cousins Jessica and her sister Tasha in front of a tree near the entrance. I took a pohot of a tree that had light on it and I could not see the light on the camera because of the flash. My second photo was my nana Lito really liked the photo I took of my nana. All of the trees around us had lights on it, it looked so colourful and beautful.We all walked up to the temple and took some photo of the temple.Then we went down to take some famliy photos like all of the kids take a photo.After we finished we went to eat at burger king. Oh thats right I took my own camera.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bush Walking With My Aunt

Monday the 30th January I went walking with Mary and Jessica mum even Serena in the bush walk .It was the bush walk next to Pt England School.We all had so much fun walking in the bush walk.Me Mary and Jessica also Serena were jogging instead of walking.Mary walked some way thought the bush walk.I had to keep on stopping because I didn't take my buffer with me. When we made it to Pt England beach we all took a walk on the sand.Then we went to the school playground and had a little play.After that we went home as we were walking home me and my Auntie played I tacked her on to the grass.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Niuean Athletics

Saturday the 28th of January was Niuean athletics it is the same as school athletics but we race againist other zone like otara and mangere, harbour, mountain, manurewa and yes tamaki.Me Serena, Mary, Claude, and Jessica signed up to race for tamaki zone. we all ran in a 100 meters and 200 meters sorry to say that only mary made it to final of 100 and 200 meter race. we had fun even my mum and dad are so proud of me.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Class In

I have found out what class I am in, I only founnd out today the Thursday 26th of January.I am in room room 22 with Jessica and Serena again. But makalita is in a diffrerent class she is in room eight.Just like mary she is in room 21 just one class down from me.I new because I was going to check my blog and there was new people in the line of kids blogs.My mum said go and see what class you are in so that is how I found out what class I am in.You sould do the same thing if you want to know what class you are in like I did.

Monday, January 23, 2012

With My Mum At The Hospital

Sunday the 22rd of January me and my mum went to the hospital.We both woke up at eight 'o' clock and got ready fast to catch the eight 30 bus.We turned up at the bus stop at eigth 37.luckly there was a bus already there when we were walking to the bus stop.It was about to leave until me and my mum made it my mum asked do you go to Auckland Hospital he said yes.

we had to be at the hospital by nine 30, so we can look after my cousin. I difenitely had a good work out being run around after my baby cousin.i was at the hospital until 5pm. me and my mum caught the bus home because there was no room in the car. I was so tired when I got home I went straight to bed

Friday, January 20, 2012

Movie with my dad/

on the 20th of january 2012 i went to the movie with my dad. we watch Siones Wedding 2. i had fun especially eating popcorn. after the movie me and my dad went to Carls junior for something to eat. when we came home my brothers was angry because dad bought me carl junior.

looking forward for the weekend because i am going to the park to watch nmy brothers playing kilikiti

Cleaning With My Mum/19/01/2012

Yesterday I cleaned the house with my mum,it was supposed to be my two brothers job Kristan and Claude.But when me and my mum came back from doing the washing at my nana lome house .More likely my mum did the washing,anyhow the house wasn't clean.So me and my mum cleaned the house.Kristan and Claude did not help, when it was supposed to be there job they did not help at all.Claude was gone and Kristan just did nothing.

I vacumed, picked up the rubbish, wiped the bench and stove in the kitcen.My mum did the dishs.Aslo I had to pick up my baby dog little poo, or it could be my two cats .When me and my mum were finish we both washed our cute and durty dog max. after all this i thought my mum would let me go and have a little play. no she did not. my mum told me to go and do some reading which i did for and hour and a half.

tommorrow is a new day, who knows what would happen.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What class in year 2012

School is coming up and I can't wait to find out what class I am in.I hope that I am in the same class as my friends and cousin. If my cousins and friends are in a different class I have to make new friends. Which will be really hard for me to do. I hope I will not get tease about my size..This year I am going to try hard to improve in my school work so when I grow up I will get a good job.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas day

On christmas day I went to church there was lots of talking at church, my brother claude came to church with me and my cousin and nana. I left church early with my mum and dad also claude to.
when we got home my brother kristan was playing on my pes3 morden wofare 3 he had to turn it off because of my dad said.For my present I got a PES 3 and mw3 game I was so happy when I got a PES 3 and a MW3 game .

Monday, January 2, 2012

What I Did On The First Of january 2012

Today is the frist of 2012 which is January the 1st, Me and my family had a Bar Bar Que I had so much fun today.I played on the tramp most of my family was here my cousin Lewis and his family was here with us doing a BBQ.My little cousin that was one and a half jump on the tramp when he was jumping he keeps on falling down, oh the tramp was my cousin Mary and Jessica.The thing that they are cooking on the BBQ is chicken, steak, meat patties, onion I think that is all.The BBQ is finish and my nana Lome starts doing the payer of the food she is now finish doing the prayer and we all start eating.I only had taro and two pattie.I was eating Niue taro it is nice and sweet , but not sweet like sugar lollies.