Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Cross Country Fun Run Experiences

Yesterday was the most exciting event thing for me.But I was kind of shy when the time came for the house captains, co captains and the prefects, to say there cheer.With the scorching hot sun it was pretty hard to keep encouraging people in our colours.

Going back and forth trying to keep the kids pumped to run.Was the most trying thing that I had ever done.Shouting my hardest”GO MATATUA WHOOO” nearly losing my voice. As time passed by and the sun started getting hotter.We all decided to relax on the park while watching them run past, racing for 1st,2th,3rd place.

It was nearly our time to run cross country.Preparing ourselves for running time was nerve racking. Wondering about who would come 1st, 2th or 3rd.Waiting for our turn we watched the year 7s run past us to see who was coming first. Surprised to chloe in the lead and not to see Vanessa or Grace any where near the front.Who I  thought would be coming in the lead and challenging for first place, but instead I was wrong.Even the other year eights were wondering where Vanessa and Grace was.

As we got ready to race I had butterflies in my stomach, which was really annoying.”On your mark...Get set...Go. All the year eight girls sprinted down the field and then around the cone.While me and mary just stuck to our pace and kept clam.As we made our way out the gate there was deep holes in the grass and mud prints everywhere, that made it really hard to run.

I started getting tired and exhausted I was about to stop I didn't  want to because my goal was to come a place.While me mary and kept at our place she ended up stopping but I kept on going because Roezala who was coming 3rd place was just in front of me.When I caught up to her I sprinted past her she wasn’t that easy to go past. While running I kept on looking back to check if Roezala was near me.

When I was going for my second lap I was so tired that I wanted to stop.But I didn’t want to risk it because Roezala was behind me.When I was finally entering the gate to school I nearly slipped.Making my way up to the finish line I knew that Roezala would try and past so I use all the energy I had left and sprinted to the finish line.My place was 3rd I was proud of my self of what I had accomplished.That was my Cross Counrty Fun Run Day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Creative Strand Reflection

Yellow Hat - I really enjoyed doing Samoan patterns, also how we got to carve out our patterns on a piece of wood.It was a great experiences for me because it was my first time carving.

Black Hat - I didn't enjoy how we got punishment for other peoples mistakes.

Green Hat - The interesting thing that I did this week in creative strand was seeing different kinds of Samoan patterns. Also trying to create your own design using the Samoan patterns.

White Hat -I learned how to carve and new samoan patterns which was really cool.That is what I learned at creative strand with Miss Tito.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Maths Goal For This Term

For this term my goal is to see on my report all of my reading writing and maths up in the green or orange zone(green and orange is good).Mostly my maths because its my weakness, but I really enjoy doing maths.To accelerate my maths I am going to complete my Maths Whizz 20 minutes everyday and try my best to do activity's and test's that I do from Maths Whizz. Also my Xtra Maths it will help me improve and get faster at my additions, takeaways. multiplication,division. The video strategies that Mr barks assigned to us that will show us the areas we need help with.I will be watching and learn new strategy to help me with maths problems.That is what I will be doing to accelerate my maths.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Next Steps For Maths

Our maths teacher Mr Barks has given us some strategies on a video to help us accelerate our maths.We had to chose an area that we would learn about.The area that I chose was. My 
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages here are the links that I will be learning from. Also they all lead to this site for teachers called Teachers Tool and the strategy is a video.

Strategy 4