Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This painting is my favorite place, it is our school rugby field. It is my favourite place because I can play with my friends and my cousins there, also I love to play rugby.
Henri Matisse is the artists whose style I chose for my painting. His style of painting is called Fauvism. I tried to exaggerate my colours for expressive effect, just like Henri Matisse did.
The hardest part for me was painting, because I had to be careful not to paint the wrong thing. But outlining with a vivid was really easy.The thing I like about my painting are the trees because they stand out in the background. I think my final product is alright.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Kristan And Claude's Rugby Game

In weekends on Saturday I went to watch my two brothers play rugby.Kristan and Claude were playing against each other,De La Sell VS Dilworth Kristan said he was going to wear his predator boots to catch Claude.But when he jumped onto the field there was no action.He kept on telling Claude to run the ball up but he didn't.Some boys on the side line said to Kristan "Kristan smash Claude.Then changed there mind and said "Claude smash Kristan.

The score was 20 something to 0 De la sell lost.I was mocking Kristan, I said to him "Kristan what happen to your predator boots" and he said nothing. Then Claude said to him"how does it feel to lose on your home field and Kristan said"get away from me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Over time Modern art and painting styles have changed and developed.These periods of time have been characterised by different artist that are getting famous and so did their style. Therefore the particular style becomes famous and start  change modern art.

                      HENRI MATISSE   
Henri Matisse  was one of the great masters of 20th century art. Matisse ignored the great social and historical events of the 20th century as suitable subject for his art. Instead he explained his preference, “Of what he dreamed. He dreamed of an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matters.
Picasso's style of art drawings  is looking at different perspectives.
  He was known all over the world, and his style of painting was cubism. This highly talented Spanish painter was a sculptor as well.  Mr Picasso was born in Spain in the year 1881 October the 25,Pablo Picasso was the most famous artist of the 20th century. He was Spanish and spent most of his life in France.

                     VINCENT VAN GOGH

Vincent Van Gogh was a dutch painter that was the most famous modern artist. But in his time life he had a recognition and only sold one of his painting.
    He was born March the 30th 1853 in the land of Groot-Zundert in the Southern area Netherland. When he was 16 years He was born on March the 30,1853 and his birthplace was Groot-zundert,near Breda lands. Once Vincent Van Gogh had died by a gunshot his sister in law had took his place and sold all of his paintings and then van gogh had become famous after his death


Impressionism  was a movement of art in the 19th century.It was originated in Paris by a group of artists.The style was named after one of Claude monet’s title of one of his  art works.