Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As I was walking to the girls changing room to get change into my swimming tog to get ready for swimming . When I was finished getting change I started to walk over to the big pool.

When I was swimming in the big pool , I was worried because in the middle of the big pool was really deep.

The biggest problem in swimming is that my legs need to be a bit longer so I can touch the ground or tipe toe.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Oktapodi Movie Review

This movie is called oktapodi ,it is about two octopuses a male and female octopus and also a chef.

It was set in a small village in Greece .

The main action is about the male octopus saving the female octopus from a chef so she can’t be chopped up and cooked for someones to eat for there dinner.

The main message is never let go of someone that you love and care about most in hole world.

I would tell my family and friends to watch this movie because it is very interesting and is a lot shorter and funnier than other movies.

If you want to watch the movie click on this

Friday, May 27, 2011

Redesigning My Latop Mouse

Our task today was to redesign our computer mouse using our own imagination. I added some eyes for the button's of my mouse. I replaced my original mouse for a sponges bob mouse . I made the mouse bigger so it easier to work with .

I made my mouse into a sponge bob mouse so it can be squishy, and I can wash it when it is dirty. I add a fast control mouse so that it will never let me down. I made the eyes bigger on my mouse buttons so that it can be easier when I work.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Technology Challenge

When Miss Ouano explained to us that we all will be doing a technology challenge , I was really excited.Also she said that we had to be in a group of three.

The challenge was to make something out of six pieces of new paper that would start from the table and finish on the floor like a bridge. Oh we had to use a small marble to roll it down your bridge , we had to have a curve bit on our bridge as well.

As me , Caroline and Vanessa started thinking about what we were going to do for our challenge, we all came up with different ideas. My idea was to make pipe, I had the same idea as Vanessa. Caroline’s idea was to make a cylinder shape pole and it was fantastic, so we went with her idea.

I felt that my group did a really good job because we all worked together and we never wasted any time. Also we all had something we could do ,we never frighted over anything and we didn’t care that it was ugly. We didn’t care if we lost at least we got the job done and had lots of fun.

If we had chance to do it again I wouldn’t make any changes . Because I liked the way it was before, if we made a new one it will be more harder. It is better to make the same one you made before so you can finish early so it will be easy and you will already know what your going to do .

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote For The Best Intorduction.

After you have read my two amazing introduction please vote and tell me which one hooks you in the most. My first paragraph is going to be about going straight into a highlight , my second one is about my feeling.Vote for the best one in the comment at the bottom.
Yea I get to decorate the cake with lots of lollies for my little cousins birthday with my two cousins Mary and Jessica. Oh that right it was at my Nana's house. We can make it with jelly beans in different colours I said .

I feel novice decorating the cake at lease Mary and Jessica was there to help me, I had a little funny feeling inside me that we might get it wrong.But it turn out just perfectly fine . We can put other yummy lollies around the cake as well. Holy the cake looks delicious I wish that I could eat it right now ,but I can’t.