Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Want To Do In The Holidays

In the holidays I want to go to the pools.I want to go to the pools because I want to learn how to swim.I am only use to swimming in goggles because if I open my eyes in the water my eyes would get red because of the chlorine.b Long time ago my dad got me some goggles ,and told him that we were finish swimming. He said than that is a waste of time for me buying you goggle, I think he said that?But then he said I might take you to the pools when it is a rainy day. On raining days my day doesn't go to work, I think because he works outside.The pools that I want to go to is the YMCA pools in Panmure, but the only thing is that I like swimming in warm pools.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MY Flag

This is a flag that I designed. It represent my family culter, hope you like my flag that I drew mum and dad if you see it.

We Need A courtyard Make Over

The paragraph that is in red is the one that my class mate Logan marked.
He gave me a 9 / 12 that is cool that I got a 9 / 12.

Our courtyard needs a make over because, our other play area are crowed when the grass closed in the winter time.

We got really ugly things in our courtyard , like our drain it has mud inside of it and grass growing out of it.Also our drinking fountain it is old and the tap is broken and it is coming out of the wall .I don’t like the drain because that is the most thing that takes up the whole space in the courtyard.So when we give our courtyard a make over, I am going to cover the drain that is more likely a ditch, I really want to cover it with concrete and put a new drain so i am.

No one likes to play in our courtyard because there are no objects there to play with . We have seen kids play in our courtyard sometime , but they will get into trouble by a teacher. So if we re-make our courtyard and turn it into a hard court play area then student can be able to play in our courtyard , instead of getting into trouble by the teacher. Also if we make the courtyard into a play area we can make more space to play in when the fields are closed.

If we can make the courtyard into a better play area, we can try entice kids to come and play in our courtyard.But that can only happen if we give our courtyard a extreme make over.Also if we don’t give it a make over we would lots waste of space in our courtyard . We also need to make more play areas because the fields are closed in the winter time .When the fields are closed the breeze and the big court are really crowed,that make it hard to play games.

This is why we need to redesign our courtyard. Do you think you can help us?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crusaders vs The Reds


In the weekends on Sunday, there was a rugby game it was the Crusaders vs the Red. I went for the Red because, I don't like the Crusaders that much.I aways went for any team when we watch a rugby match.But the team that I mostly like is the blues they are my favorite not the Crusaders.The Crusader couldn't catch the ball ,they even couldn't past it properly as well.But to bad the reds won better next time for the Crusaders. hope you watch the Crusader vs the red last week in the weekends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oktapodi Part 2

The female octopus puts herself in a sling shot mode to save her boyfriend from the seagull. Then she shoots out black ink into the seagulls eye to stop it from getting away with her boyfriend. After that they both started to fall into the water holding each other .

Then they swam happily together far out in the sea where no one could find them. Until, a net from a big ship swooped them both up in the net with all the other fish in the net as well. They managed to pretend that they were dead so the ship workers would throw them back into the sea, and it worked.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is what I do with Miss Garden For Reading

This a picture of my web hope you like it?

This is what I do with my reading group and with the teacher Miss Garden. It is a picture of a web,It is about what happen in the story. This was what we had to do in reading with Miss Garden , she is a very cool teacher to do reading with she is a very nice and cool teacher.Like doing reading with Miss Garden because she aways gives us cool reading work to do, that why I like doing reading with her doesn't my web look cool.