Friday, December 13, 2013

Year 8 Camp highlights 2013

Last week on Tuesdays the year 8s at Pt England School went to camp Keswick in Rotorua, there was only two thing that I liked at camp that we did. First was the Agrodome where we got to watch a sheep getting its wool shaved off. Also being able to see some of the worlds best sheep, which was really cool. But the best thing that I loved about the Agrodome was looking and holding baby animals like Rabbits,Lambs and other things.

Next thing that we did that liked was the luge rides on the last day of camp. I was really excited, as I made my way down the track, I was screaming and laughing all the way down. It was scary because I was going really fast down the hill and nearly crashed. Once I did but it didn't hurt at all. I got to have another turn and I didn't even listen to the signs that said slow down on the bends, but it was totally worth it. Those were my two is my highlight about camp.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection Alexandria.J 2013

The  things about having a Netbook is being able to complete my tasks on time. My Netbook has made my learning improve and more fun to do.

With Google Drive we able to be creative with our learning using, Google presentation, Documents and heaps more. Skills that I have developed this year with my Netbook are maths strategies and basics facts from Maths Whizz , Xtra Math and Teachers Tool that we do daily. My Netbook is a great learning tool it has helped me to accelerate my learning and achieve my goals throughout the year at Pt England School. It provides me with  the opportunity to  research specific information that is related to the topics that I am doing.

The disadvantage that this Netbook has is when it sometimes starts to freeze.

Overall, with my Netbook learning has become much easier to do and share global.

My Highlights For This Year 2013

My first highlight for year is how we get the opportunity to any sports we want. Not like last year there were sports we couldn't do because it had to be years eights, But when I turned year eigth I did things that I wasn’t able to do. Which was really great and fun.

For my second highlight it have to be making heaps of new friends during this year. Who are Jaylee,Jessica,Serena,Mary I,Mary L,Caroline, Eleva, Grace.They are the best friends that I have ever had.The one thing that I like about them is that they have their own funny personality.

Then for my third highlight it would have to be having Mr Barks as our maths teachers. Because he has taught me a lot about maths during this year. He has been a great help to me with my weak points in maths.

If I would have a low light, it would have to be leaving this school. I wouldn’t want to leave the teacher that once taught and made who I am now.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Year 8 Camp Reflection 2013

The year eights went to Keswick for camp in Rotorua. I don't have that much good highlights about camp because it was mostly boring. On the first day of camp we went to the camp ground and played on the park and trampoline there.It was the most fun thing that I we did on the first day. We also went for a run in the mountains which trying hard and build ups.

Waking up at 6 in the morning was annoying.We then had to do running at 7am, before breakfast. During breakfast we got to make sandwiches for lunch. We then hoped onto the bus and went to see the only active geyser in New Zealand. It was cool watching it erupt, but the only thing that recked it was the smell that it released.

After that we went to a sheep show and got to meet some of the best sheep that came from all over the world.We even got to see a sheep getting its wool shaved off, also a big cow getting milked. When the show was finished we went into the nursery and was baby animals.We even got to feed them and hold them. We couldn't do any of the other activities because of the weather.So we went back to the camp grounds and had lunch there.

The next day we went to blue and green lake. It was raining which made the trip even worst.We had to walk all the way over to the other side of the lake.It was the annoying and tiring walking ever.The walk took about one hour for us.It was really slippery and dirty.We finally made it to where the bus was. People got to swim but I decided to stay in the bus, to try and get warm.

When they finished swimming we went back to camp.AFter that the teachers made a plan for us to go to the pool which costed $2. Mrs Nua used her debit card to pay us in.It was really cool at the pools in the beginning  I played touch in the shallow pool I had heaps of fun.Then i went to the big pool which was mega deep.  BUt the fun thing was that we got to bomb in the pool.

When we finished swimming we went back to camp and practiced the prize giving dance.After that we had dinner and then went to bed. On our last day of camp we had to pack up our stuff and clean up our cabins. When we finished we hoped onto the bus and made our trip back home. Finally after a long trip we got to school, as i got out of the bus I was my brother claude. I go my bag then started making my way home.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Writing Sample November 2013 Alexandria

It was a peaceful night Grace and her friends Mary and Jessica, were sleeping after a fun night.It was Graces first time being at her friends house it was huge.As she was sleeping she felt that there was an unpleasant presence.

Grace suddenly woke up to a whisper in her ear. Frightened and scared she looked for her friends for comfort.She couldn't find them anywhere in the room, grace started to panic. Where could they be?she wondered. What could of happened to them what might happen to me in this place, I thought to myself.

Remembering the whisper in her ear sent shivers down her spine. As she was standing there thinking. The door creaked open she jumped in shock.Scared to even make a inch of movement.There was another whisper, “what do you want from me” she shouted. but there was no reply.

She stood there in silence. she could feel that there was something behind her.She turned to see what it was. In an instant she was being dragged out of the room and down the hall.Eyes shut close screaming help, hope that someone would come to her rescue.They stopped the unknown figure was gone.

Grace opened her eyes to find her two friends Mary and Jessica standing in front of her.Tears of joy filled up in. Graces eyes. She ran to give them a hug.”Where were you guys” she asked.”We were in the kitchen getting something to eat” they replied.” Your house is haunted” I said my voice shaking.They both started to laugh” sorry about that it was our brother he likes to scare our friends when they come over.Phew I thought that it was a ghost.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creative Strand Reflection

Alex , Jay and Rena 2013 Rap from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Intro: Last week we were given the opportunity to create a movie based on an event of our choice . We had to think of something that was different , that would stand out from all the rest.  So we both agreed on researching Martin Luther King , I Have A Dream.
We wrote a rap together, rehearsed it , recorded it then we made a animation to go along with it.

The reason why we chose Martin Luther King was because he is a true hero to us all, he stopped racism back in 1963 when he spoke his mind with a speech called “ I Have A Dream”

Positives: I really enjoyed working on this project because not only did we create animations we also learned a lot of information about Martin Luther King, he set his people free from racism so that the blacks would have the same rights as the whites.  Blacks had experienced things that no one should ever experience it was horrible, but thanks to Martin Luther King he put a stop to it.

Negatives: (Things to work on) I personally think that Alexandria and I could have managed our time better, so that we could create a more detailed animation with awesome editing. I didn’t like the fact that we had to wait for IMAC’S and by the time we were given one , we were rushed to upload our video  to vimeo but we weren’t quite finished with our editing!!

Interesting:  The thing that I found interesting about this project was how much knowledge we had gained in a week, we had learned so much about Martin Luther King in such a small space of time. The other thing was , how cool our rap was!!

This week was awesome, but next time we will definitely manage our time better.  We will work  harder and we will make a more detailed movie with a good message to go along with it.  

Jay and Alex Decimal DLO 2013

The question that we am doing is about Decimals. We are going to have to add the decimal all up to get our answer. The question is that Andrew weighs 45.6kg and his cat weighs 4.8kg, so we have to add 45.6 and 4.8 together.

The strategy that we are going to use is rounding one of the decimal numbers to the nearest ten. First we will add 0.2 to 4.8 and then takeaway 0.2 from 45.6.So the question now will be 5 + 45.4 the reason that we took away 0.2 from 45.8 after adding 0.2 to 4.8 is to balance the numbers or there will be two much.

So now we will have to add 45.4 and 5 together.We know that 5 and 45 will add up to 50, then we just add the leftover 0.4 and the answer we got is 50.4

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maths Question DLO

The question that I am doing is about fractions.I am going to have to find out who  has read the most pages in a book.Angela has 160 pages in her book and Olivia has 45 pages in her book so I have to find out who had read got the most.

So question number 1 Angela has 160 pages in her book and only has read 2/10 of her book? I know that I have to split 160 in 10 groups, which is 16 because 16x10 = 160. But I only want two groups so then I time 2 and 16 and that is 32 .So 32 is the answer for question number 1.

Now question number 2 Olivia has only read 3/5 of her 45 page book.I’ll use the same strategy that I used with the 1 question.There will be 9 groups because 9x5=45.But I only want 3 so 9x3=27.So the answer is 27

Which means that Angela has read more books than Olivia.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Cross Country Fun Run Experiences

Yesterday was the most exciting event thing for me.But I was kind of shy when the time came for the house captains, co captains and the prefects, to say there cheer.With the scorching hot sun it was pretty hard to keep encouraging people in our colours.

Going back and forth trying to keep the kids pumped to run.Was the most trying thing that I had ever done.Shouting my hardest”GO MATATUA WHOOO” nearly losing my voice. As time passed by and the sun started getting hotter.We all decided to relax on the park while watching them run past, racing for 1st,2th,3rd place.

It was nearly our time to run cross country.Preparing ourselves for running time was nerve racking. Wondering about who would come 1st, 2th or 3rd.Waiting for our turn we watched the year 7s run past us to see who was coming first. Surprised to chloe in the lead and not to see Vanessa or Grace any where near the front.Who I  thought would be coming in the lead and challenging for first place, but instead I was wrong.Even the other year eights were wondering where Vanessa and Grace was.

As we got ready to race I had butterflies in my stomach, which was really annoying.”On your mark...Get set...Go. All the year eight girls sprinted down the field and then around the cone.While me and mary just stuck to our pace and kept clam.As we made our way out the gate there was deep holes in the grass and mud prints everywhere, that made it really hard to run.

I started getting tired and exhausted I was about to stop I didn't  want to because my goal was to come a place.While me mary and kept at our place she ended up stopping but I kept on going because Roezala who was coming 3rd place was just in front of me.When I caught up to her I sprinted past her she wasn’t that easy to go past. While running I kept on looking back to check if Roezala was near me.

When I was going for my second lap I was so tired that I wanted to stop.But I didn’t want to risk it because Roezala was behind me.When I was finally entering the gate to school I nearly slipped.Making my way up to the finish line I knew that Roezala would try and past so I use all the energy I had left and sprinted to the finish line.My place was 3rd I was proud of my self of what I had accomplished.That was my Cross Counrty Fun Run Day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Creative Strand Reflection

Yellow Hat - I really enjoyed doing Samoan patterns, also how we got to carve out our patterns on a piece of wood.It was a great experiences for me because it was my first time carving.

Black Hat - I didn't enjoy how we got punishment for other peoples mistakes.

Green Hat - The interesting thing that I did this week in creative strand was seeing different kinds of Samoan patterns. Also trying to create your own design using the Samoan patterns.

White Hat -I learned how to carve and new samoan patterns which was really cool.That is what I learned at creative strand with Miss Tito.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Maths Goal For This Term

For this term my goal is to see on my report all of my reading writing and maths up in the green or orange zone(green and orange is good).Mostly my maths because its my weakness, but I really enjoy doing maths.To accelerate my maths I am going to complete my Maths Whizz 20 minutes everyday and try my best to do activity's and test's that I do from Maths Whizz. Also my Xtra Maths it will help me improve and get faster at my additions, takeaways. multiplication,division. The video strategies that Mr barks assigned to us that will show us the areas we need help with.I will be watching and learn new strategy to help me with maths problems.That is what I will be doing to accelerate my maths.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Next Steps For Maths

Our maths teacher Mr Barks has given us some strategies on a video to help us accelerate our maths.We had to chose an area that we would learn about.The area that I chose was. My 
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages here are the links that I will be learning from. Also they all lead to this site for teachers called Teachers Tool and the strategy is a video.

Strategy 4

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nelson Mandela.

This is an activity that we got from Mrs Nua. We had to do a presentation on Nelson Mandela, things about him or what he did for his country. 

Escape Children Of The Holocaust

Recently I have been reading a book called Escape Children Of The Holocaust. The reason why I wanted to tell you about this book is that it shocked me witnessing the suffering and pain that Jewish kids and family's went through.When there homes were being invaded by Germans and they had to work as slaves for there life. Imprisoned by Germans where they watch other people from there family and the same religion being slaughtered or beaten for nothing. Obeying orders for there own survival and trying there best to make through without water food and living with rodents around them. Which doesn't make much easier when you can catch diseases that can kill you in a instant. 
This is one of the most heart breaking stories that I have read. There are lots of things in this story that made me nearly cry. This is the first book that has ever made me nearly cry. I hope that you get to read this book and witness the thing that Jewish kids and family have been through. Remember to have tissue next to you when reading this book. Because I know that it will make you cry.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Updated My Story Zombie Virus. Only Suitable for 12 and over

This is a story that I have been working on for quite a while.Hope you enjoy, also sorry about the bad drawing that I did.But I can draw better its just that I can't draw on a computer or net book.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Maths Painting

This is a painting that we did with our maths teacher Mr Barks.It doesn't really mean that much, its just our teacher wanted us do something about maths.So we did a painting and this is my one.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pitbulls Be Banned In New Zealand? NO

Should Pit bulls Be Banned In New Zealand? NO

Even though Pit bulls dogs have heaps of reports about attacks on other dogs or people even their owner. Doesn't mean that they are bad to have around. Pit bulls are just like any other dogs, they have to be trained to behave and listen. If a Pit Bull grows up to be an aggressive dog and attack people or other pets.

It’s not their fought because the influence that their owner gives them doesn't help.Mostly if they teach it to fight or attack other dogs, or even kill. It won’t help the dog because it will just get more and more into hurting and killing people and other pets.

Also if they put their Pit Bull into fights with other dogs just to get money or drugs.They are teaching their dogs to attack and kill for what they want. Then if his Pit Bull loses  he decides to beat his dog up and the dog fights back and hurts his owner really bad.

Then the Owner complains and want’s to put the dog down.But its not the dogs fought it is the influence that the owner does to it or teach’s it.That is why I think that Pit Bulls shouldn't be banned.

Cinderellahr The Fractured Fairy Tale

By Jay Lee, Roezala, Alexandria

Once upon a time in a  magical, enchanted forest stood a towering white brick castle, where the King and his daughter Cinderellahr lived. Due to the loss of their mother  Cinderellahr’s two stunning step sisters Ria and Liyla lived in the dusty dark cold cellar. Bossed around by  their  evil father the two girls cleaned and cleaned all day long. Dirty Rags and ripped clothing were all the girls wore while Cinderellahr was upstairs spoiled rotten with the latest clothing in town.

It was the night of the royal ball in the neighbouring village. Prince Zayn was hosting the ball that everyone had been talking about for weeks and the night had finally arrived. One invitation had been delivered to Cindrellahrs house but it read ‘To Liyla” not to Cinderellahr. Rage rushed through Cinderellahr. She ran to Ria and told her the news......
Cinderellahrh  and Ria got mental and were really jealous that only Liyla got to go.” ‘How did she get an invitation and why didn’t  we. That’s not fair. We should wreck the party.” Angrily yelled Ria   “Yes we shall replied Cinderellahr”...
The two girls planned  to wreck the party and make the prince dance with them. It hit 10pm and Liyla got given a   sparkly blue  glamorous dress from her fairy godmother . Drove in a blue fancy cadillac  and wore 2  blue sparkly stilettos that only she could fit. The two sisters wore camo. “Hurry up Cinderella” screeched Ria. They Jumped into their dads little cab and with high speed rushed down the hill drove over the bridge up another hill and Finally they were right outside the castle. ‘Get out Get out yelled Cinderella”  There were 2 strong looking bodyguards guarding the entrance to the castle where the ball was on. The two girls decided to walk around the castle to look for another way in.

“ Look up there a window is open ” yelled Cinderellahr.” And there’s a ladder over there” replied Ria. They went over to the ladder and together they carried it to the window. Making there way up the ladder, they got into the room and realise that it was the prince's room. They got crazy and went through all of his stuff and looked every where in his room.When they were finished the room was in a mess and things on the floor were broken and shattered.They brought back up clothes, Cinderellahr bought two dresses one for her and one for Ria. Ria wore a white short dress and Cinderellahr wore a pink short dress with a black bow. The two rushed down stairs The prince saw Cinderellahr and like a dash ditched Liyla and danced with Cinderella.

Liyla and Ria were angry and jealous. “Oh who cares we don't need him said Liyla”. ,”Yes we don't replied Ria”. Cinderellahr danced With Prince Zayn, The two step sisters danced together all night. Prince Zayn and Cinderella got married the two step sisters found prince’s of their own and they all lived happily ever after.THE END.

Prospective Student

The boy was dangling on a steep cliff, with a weak grip. He only had determination on his side. As he reached the top he was exhausted, but was relieved that all of his efforts paid off.

Wiping the sweat off his fore head he then made his way up the hill. The boy was so relieved he looked high up at the gigantic doors and  knocked twice. A tall master came out.

The student waited anxiously for a response from the master. He was really nervous to see if he was going to make it in.But then the master pointed to the side.The students spirit was crushed his shoulder and head dropped in despair.

He took a deep breath and started wondering if  he had to prove himself. Then he started meditating outside of the door for one whole  day and night.When he came to open his eyes he saw the master standing in front of him.

The student thought that it would please the master.But instead he got the same response as before. The student turned to walk away.But his emotions changed into total rage to get revenge on the master.He kicked down the door  and showed the master that he wanted to fight him.The master saw rage in his eyes. The master didn't do anything but just pointed to the side.

The boy finally looked to the side and realised that he had to use the side entrance, he was really embarrassed.

Monday, June 24, 2013

What Is Iron And Why Do We Need It

Today with Mrs Langitupu we had to research about a type of Question that we can explain to the class. Me, Mary V, Roezala, decided to do a question about Iron. We did a poster to explain what Iron means. 

Here are the things that are on the poster.

In the first bar it is talking about what is Iron.
Iron is a mineral needed in your body.It also carries oxygen from our lungs thought our body.

In the second bar its talking about having lees Iron.We need Iron to prevent Iron deficiency anaemia. IDA is cause by having little Iron in your blood. A child with anaemia may have a hard concentrating at school. 

In the third bar it is talking about what types of food Iron is in.
It is important to eat your vegetables and your meat because they are full of Iron.Which helps your body function.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jessica, Grace, Alexandria Maori DLO

Jessica,Grace,Alexadria DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Creative Reflection A,E,V

For this weeks creativity literacy task, we felt excited to choose a Michael Jackson song. Although it was a bit difficult to choose we still ended with a perfect song!

The things that we notices that was  interesting is how we got our movie done quickly. Also how we worked perfectly as a team.

There was nothing horrible about working together.Because we always remembered about staying on tasks and finishing things off.

What we enjoyed was that we had to pick  a Michael Jackson  song and also Finishing on  time.

Stuff we learnt was the different angles of filming.It was a  great help filming because we didn't just use a long shot for our whole movie.

We think next time we need to improve on our animations because we repeated a lot of things. To improve this, we have to plan it properly like who would be animating and what we would be animating.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Math Decimals Game

This game will help me improve and get faster in my Decimals Addition. Also it is heaps of fun and makes learning about Decimals fun and cool.I rate this Decimals Game Five stars!!

Here is the link to the game:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Things About Weet Bix and Nutri Grain

Today with Mrs Nua we were investigating about cereal.We had to see the difference between Weet Bix and Nutri Grain. It was really cool and it was my first time doing something like that before.I hope to do it again.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tornado Struck Oklahoma City

One of the second most powerful tornadoes Struck Oklahoma City, Destroying Schools and neighbourhoods that stood in its way. Up to 145  Adults and children were injured.91 people were confirmed dead 20 of them were kids from local school.The Tornado was 1.6 km and was going 320 km an hour. Neighbourhoods turned into rubble and cars and trucks laid ruined all around.

Friday, May 17, 2013



Para 1: When Mr Burt said that there were going to be a  special present coming to our school I thought  it was Bruno Mars as he was coming over to New Zealand for his consent but everybody thought it was our Prime Minister , John Key. As the super surprise arrived it was a famous pop star (WILL. I. AM). Everybody was so amazed that they couldn’t imagine it was (WILL.I.AM) as everybody yelled and shouted and couldn’t believe that something real was happening.

Para 2: Seeing WILL.I.AM walking into our school  was so cool. I was really excited to see him in real life.Watching the camera crews taking pictures and videos of WIll.I.AM walking into the school.When he walked into our hall there were flashes all around and cheers of excitement, also little whispers that they couldn’t believe that it was him.

Para:3 As everybody settled down Vivienne and Patrick said there prayer and korero and then began with the kappa Hakka group,It was an exciting and thrilling performance.Next was the hip hop group they were fantastic

Para 4: Will.I.Am speech was about his childhood he had a rough childhood.He told us about how his mothers raised him on her own and they weren’t very rich.Also his dream was to help his mom and singing helped him to save his mom.Suddenly he said to choose your friends that are good company not bad. Because if your friends are a clown then you will start to be one.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


For the past few days my holiday has started to improve. Me and my cousin's have been playing and having fun.I really enjoy playing with my cousin's because it's better than doing nothing.We play cards and make jokes and have heaps of fun.The thing is that I wish there was only school and no holidays. Because at least you do something instead of nothing.But sometimes you need to have a break from school and relax.So I should be happy to have a school holiday.

The only thing stopping be from having fun is  that I still have nothing to do.,Even thought I'm playing with my cousin's.But I still want to do something so cool that I will never forget.I hope that time will come soon. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Holiday Starting

Holidays just started and it isn't going that great.But I'm hoping that it will get better after a few days.The weather is not helping with it playing up.Mostly when there's nothing to do, but some times there are but you just don't know.Also the thing is my mum would only let me outside sometimes and will tell be to read.I can't read because all of my  interesting book's are book's that i've all ready read.Every time we try play a game or try come up with a game  we can play.It doesn't turn out well because people don't  agree with the game or someone make's boring.I'm sure that people are having a great time and having heaps of fun, but not me.

Fia Fia

Fia Fia was so awesome seeing the performance of other groups that we're before the niuean group were so fabulous.Seeing people  dance their culture and being proud of representing there culture, it's something that you wouldn't want to miss.

When the Niuean group was up to perform I was really excited and scared.But was eager to go out on the stage and perform proud and loud.On the stage I really couldn't see the crowd, but I knew that they could see us it was a really big crowd. I performed my hardest and had heaps of fun.

I don't know what  my favorite group was because they all perform fabulous and they were all great.All breathe taking performance's that even a blink can miss one epic move.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Alexandria and Serena Camp Argument

This is why me and Serena is on the side of camp happening.Because can teach you how to be respectful and carring.Also is a great way for people to spend time with their friends.It can even bring your confidents up and you might want to be leader for something next year.

Para (1)
The reason that me and serena are on the side of having camp.Is because it can bring up your childs confidents and make you want to try hard to be a leader.You never know that the teachers might see that you will be a perfect leader and vote for you.

Para (2)
Also is great for people that have no friends to make friends that can protect them.Making new friends is like meeting new teammates which is one of the 3 p’s like participation,partnership and also protection. But the main word that we are after is (partnership) because its like encouraging others to make new friends and also being a great role model.

Para (3)
If you want your kids to learn manner’s just send to camp.Because camp can teach your kids to be respectful to other and caring.When they come home they might be a whole different person.

Para (4)
Learning to make new things is by listening to your teacher or tutor and also giving it your best shot and focusing on your greatest technic by balancing things out.  

This is Alexandria and Serena’s opinion about having camp.Because it wouldn’t be fair if the year 5 and 6 get to have camp and we don’t.But the thing is that we get complaints from parents that the cost is too much.We can always fix that situation.For example we could fundraise and pay off some bit of the payment for their child's camp fee and the parents can pay the rest.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Character Description About Serena

Serena has a fair brown skin colour.With beautiful dark brown eyes that gleams in the sun shine .Also light brown  smooth wavy hair.Serena is intelligent when playing sports.She shows it by being respectful and playing fair.She never give’s up when something is hard and challenging, and is competitive when playing games with others.She is Body Smart she always dose fitness at home and is careful with what she eats. Also favourite colour is blue.She is addicted with  going out shopping with her family.Also  likes to play touch, and hangs out with her friends.The thing that I enjoy to do with Serena is playing games with her and doing sport together.Also to have as a partner when there are class activity’s.


This is kind of like a little poem.

Softball Tournament

Thursday 7th the year 7 and 8 girls went to the East Side schools softball tournament.It was really hard but I had a lot of fun, I think that the hardest team we challenged was Bailey Road.The thing that I struggled on playing softball is bating, because every time I try to hit I always seem to miss.Fielding was my favourite, but when we started playing I got nervous and couldn't catch that many balls.Every game we all got better and better.Over all we came first and was so happy we screamed with excitement and cheer loudly.

Digital Footprint

Alexandria Digital Footprint from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is a little animation about leaving a Digital Footprint.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Allan Duff

Meeting with Allan Duff was so exciting, because he was the one that wrote the book ONCE WERE WARRIORS.It was based on his personal life when he was young.The movie had violence and inappropriate senses, so his life must of been hard.But having Allan Duff hand out Duffy book to our school is so cool, and him telling us some bits about his life and what he has been up to.Also started writing books in his Twenty's.

Kia pai te kotahi

TEAM WORK from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This movie is about team work.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing Sample

This morning we all completed our first Writing Sample for 2013 I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes we were given,so the throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my writing ,I will post my learning goals from this soon.

The day things started disappearing...

Just watching the news  on T.V when the presenter announced that a tragic incident happen. “Some awful news has just come in a comment just land on a house”.”Fire fighter rushed to the seen to put out the fire”.Nobody’s have been found yet police officers and fire-fighters are still searching”.”That is the end of Breaking News goodbye.”

The next day at school Team Five took a trip to where the comment landed.Just looking at the comment gave me shivers there was something strange about it. Everybody rushed to touch it  except me,because I had a feeling that something was going to happen. 

When we got back to school the people that touched the comment started disappearing one by one right in front of the eyes. I panicked I tried to call for help but it was too late they were all gone. 

I got home with tears rolling down my cheeks, I looked around and realise that G.I was a ghost town there was no noise and nobody around.When I got home my Brothers wasn’t there like he usually was and my mum and dad did come home. I laid down on the chair and started crying without realising it I feel a sleep.The next morning I walked to school all by myself feeling lonely and depressed.When I got to class everybody was there and they all said April Fools.

I just remembered that it was April Fools yesterday. "You guys are so mean".Then we all had a cheerful laugh.