Monday, January 30, 2012

Bush Walking With My Aunt

Monday the 30th January I went walking with Mary and Jessica mum even Serena in the bush walk .It was the bush walk next to Pt England School.We all had so much fun walking in the bush walk.Me Mary and Jessica also Serena were jogging instead of walking.Mary walked some way thought the bush walk.I had to keep on stopping because I didn't take my buffer with me. When we made it to Pt England beach we all took a walk on the sand.Then we went to the school playground and had a little play.After that we went home as we were walking home me and my Auntie played I tacked her on to the grass.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Niuean Athletics

Saturday the 28th of January was Niuean athletics it is the same as school athletics but we race againist other zone like otara and mangere, harbour, mountain, manurewa and yes tamaki.Me Serena, Mary, Claude, and Jessica signed up to race for tamaki zone. we all ran in a 100 meters and 200 meters sorry to say that only mary made it to final of 100 and 200 meter race. we had fun even my mum and dad are so proud of me.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Class In

I have found out what class I am in, I only founnd out today the Thursday 26th of January.I am in room room 22 with Jessica and Serena again. But makalita is in a diffrerent class she is in room eight.Just like mary she is in room 21 just one class down from me.I new because I was going to check my blog and there was new people in the line of kids blogs.My mum said go and see what class you are in so that is how I found out what class I am in.You sould do the same thing if you want to know what class you are in like I did.

Monday, January 23, 2012

With My Mum At The Hospital

Sunday the 22rd of January me and my mum went to the hospital.We both woke up at eight 'o' clock and got ready fast to catch the eight 30 bus.We turned up at the bus stop at eigth 37.luckly there was a bus already there when we were walking to the bus stop.It was about to leave until me and my mum made it my mum asked do you go to Auckland Hospital he said yes.

we had to be at the hospital by nine 30, so we can look after my cousin. I difenitely had a good work out being run around after my baby cousin.i was at the hospital until 5pm. me and my mum caught the bus home because there was no room in the car. I was so tired when I got home I went straight to bed

Friday, January 20, 2012

Movie with my dad/

on the 20th of january 2012 i went to the movie with my dad. we watch Siones Wedding 2. i had fun especially eating popcorn. after the movie me and my dad went to Carls junior for something to eat. when we came home my brothers was angry because dad bought me carl junior.

looking forward for the weekend because i am going to the park to watch nmy brothers playing kilikiti

Cleaning With My Mum/19/01/2012

Yesterday I cleaned the house with my mum,it was supposed to be my two brothers job Kristan and Claude.But when me and my mum came back from doing the washing at my nana lome house .More likely my mum did the washing,anyhow the house wasn't clean.So me and my mum cleaned the house.Kristan and Claude did not help, when it was supposed to be there job they did not help at all.Claude was gone and Kristan just did nothing.

I vacumed, picked up the rubbish, wiped the bench and stove in the kitcen.My mum did the dishs.Aslo I had to pick up my baby dog little poo, or it could be my two cats .When me and my mum were finish we both washed our cute and durty dog max. after all this i thought my mum would let me go and have a little play. no she did not. my mum told me to go and do some reading which i did for and hour and a half.

tommorrow is a new day, who knows what would happen.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What class in year 2012

School is coming up and I can't wait to find out what class I am in.I hope that I am in the same class as my friends and cousin. If my cousins and friends are in a different class I have to make new friends. Which will be really hard for me to do. I hope I will not get tease about my size..This year I am going to try hard to improve in my school work so when I grow up I will get a good job.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas day

On christmas day I went to church there was lots of talking at church, my brother claude came to church with me and my cousin and nana. I left church early with my mum and dad also claude to.
when we got home my brother kristan was playing on my pes3 morden wofare 3 he had to turn it off because of my dad said.For my present I got a PES 3 and mw3 game I was so happy when I got a PES 3 and a MW3 game .

Monday, January 2, 2012

What I Did On The First Of january 2012

Today is the frist of 2012 which is January the 1st, Me and my family had a Bar Bar Que I had so much fun today.I played on the tramp most of my family was here my cousin Lewis and his family was here with us doing a BBQ.My little cousin that was one and a half jump on the tramp when he was jumping he keeps on falling down, oh the tramp was my cousin Mary and Jessica.The thing that they are cooking on the BBQ is chicken, steak, meat patties, onion I think that is all.The BBQ is finish and my nana Lome starts doing the payer of the food she is now finish doing the prayer and we all start eating.I only had taro and two pattie.I was eating Niue taro it is nice and sweet , but not sweet like sugar lollies.