Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Narrative Writing Sample

Pure blue sky with no clouds in site with the suns warm shine on my bare skin. . My family suggested that we  should take a walk in a bush at Otahuhu “ Its going to be boring” my brother kristan said. ”Stay home if you don’t want to come  “ I shouted back”. “Remember to bring an umbrella” I shouted out to my dad.

Speeding down the motorway we got to the bush in no time .”Hurry up and get out “  I told my brother. ”Cool” Looking at the different kinds of trees.30 minutes later I started moaning “ this is taking for ever”.I felt a drop of water slid down my cheek.Out of nowhere it started pouring down we all ran to the umbrella but couldn’t fit.

Then there was a sudden bang we all jumped in fright.” What’s that” I said looking up into the sky there was smoke coming from a tree near us. Suddenly the hole bush went on fire.We all froze in fright we got to our senses and tried to get out of this place.So we tried to run back to the car even if it was to far,but a tree fell right in front of us also it was on fire.Being right close to fire was really sacrey I could hear fickering sounds.Lucklly my mom pulled me back.Even rain couldn’t stop the fire.

Desperate to make it out alive,we tried the other way but my mom and dad made a decision to stop trying.” Just keep going and leave us” we couldn’t just leave out parents .So we cuddled up and waited to be burned or to be saved.

 There was bright light it was shining down on the bush they spotted us.They threw down the ladder and tried telling us to climb the ladder.We couldn’t hear them because or the black smoke but we knew what to do.Climbing the ladder one by one making our way to the top.” Are you guys alright” a rescuer asked us.

The Eclipse

“Theres an eclipse happening” a voice coming from outside.The whole class was pushing and shoving to see the eclipse.Everyone  felt special because a eclipse only happens every twenty years.People were making the most of the time taking videos and pictures,before the eclipse disappears.I heard screams “your face is purple” people were saying to each other because there looked up into the sun too long.Suddenly it went dark and there was a shivering breeze.Everyone looked up and in surprise we could all see it properly. ”Whoa” I said out loud.But we didn’t have a perfect look at the eclipse like other people.At least we got to see a eclipes.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Film Festival


Wednesday the 14th Pt England went to watch the Manaiakalani Film Festival.But left at different times, for example the year seven and eights left school during lunch time.So we had lunch at 12:30pm. We were all told that when the bell rang for the  lunch eating  we had to be at class.To get ready to leave to Sylvia park for   Manaiakalani.We hopped in the bus and off we went to our destination Sylvia park.It was quite noise when we all started walking inside the mall.Walking up the stairs making our way into the movies.We sat into our seats and waited for the movie to start.Finally the lights started dimming down.The first movie was Tamaki College (One Direction East side styles). But my Favourite Video was One Direction and The Test.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Faovrite Toy Animation

This is a movie about my favorite toy when I was little.I hope you enjoy watching my animation.