Thursday, January 26, 2012

Class In

I have found out what class I am in, I only founnd out today the Thursday 26th of January.I am in room room 22 with Jessica and Serena again. But makalita is in a diffrerent class she is in room eight.Just like mary she is in room 21 just one class down from me.I new because I was going to check my blog and there was new people in the line of kids blogs.My mum said go and see what class you are in so that is how I found out what class I am in.You sould do the same thing if you want to know what class you are in like I did.

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  1. VERY clever Alexandria! Did I post the new lists a wee bit early? Or do you like knowing? Some kids will be swapped around a bit yet so don't get toooo excited

    Mrs Burt


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