Friday, September 28, 2012

My Goal

This animation is about my goal this term which was cross country.Hope you enjoy.

Little White Riding Hood

This story is made up my me myself it is kind of weird, hope you enjoy if too long sorry.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Little White Riding Hood. She lived in a village near the woods. People thought she was weird because she always wore a white  cloak. Kids loved to hang out with her because of her personality. One time she was told by her mother that she had to take a basket full of food to her grandmother in the middle of the woods. Also was told not to trust anyone mostly the wolf and the three little pigs they were very dangerous.

As Little White Riding Hood was walking down the path she saw a woodcutter she walked pass him really quickly.There was three little pink girls having a picnic.When she went to say hello she realized who they were. The dangerous three  little pigs, out came a shadow from behind a tree.The wolf that has a mole on his face that her mother never mention.Little White Riding Hood couldn't  bear looking at the wolfs hideous face even the three little pigs she thought they were ridiculous because of how wide they were.She chuckled in laughter, the wolf and the three  little pigs were very angry because of her attitude.

As they were about to attack little white riding hood the woodcutter saw what was going on.So he went to the wolf and the three  little pigs and told them to “leave".(woodcutter) “We'll be back to take revenge on this girl for laughing at us because of the way we look"  (wolf and the three little pigs) . "My name is Little White Riding Hood and I am not scared of you and your friends".  ( Little White Riding Hood) "Lets see about that " (The three littlepigs) , then went away with the wolf.

" Even if they don't look like they are dangerous they are, little one so make sure you will look after your self OK".  ( wood cutter) "OK" (Little White Riding Hood) but when she was walking to her grandmother's she saw shadows behind trees following her she knew who it was .The wolf with a mole on his face and his friends.She turned and screamed "come out "

There was a evil giggle as they were coming out."No woodcutter around Little White what ever"  (said one pig). " why don't you guys leave me alone" ( Little White Riding Hood ) "Not until we get revenge on you" ( all of them ). “ Please don’t hurt me “ Little White Riding Hood begged “Then give us the basket” (one pig)
”Never”Then she started running to her grandmothers house.

All three pigs tried to catch Little White Riding Hood, but couldn't because there tummies were too heavy.The wolf tried and fail as well he hadn't ran in a long time and was old.Little White Riding Hood got to her grandmothers house huffing and puffing.She got inside  and saw her grandmother sitting in a chair still as a rock.Little White Riding hood looked into the basket and saw lots of raw meat she closed the basket and went to see the grandmother.

She couldn't believe her eyes  her grandmother is a Zombie chained to a chair.Little White Riding Hood wanted to regret coming to her grandmothers house.It was her first time going to her grandmothers and now she knows why her mother didn't let her come, because it wasn't safe.The door broke down and in came the wolf with his hideous face and his three friends.She found a key for the chain and unlocked the chain her grandmother woke up and went to eat the wolf and the three pigs they all screamed in pain.

Then she looked at Little White Riding Hood with blood all over her face,she started walking over to Little White Riding Hood “AHHH” Little White Riding Hood screamed in terror.The woodcutter came in and chopped the Little White Riding Hoods grandmothers head off.There was a tingle in her stomach, like she was pleased that the wolf and the the three pigs were dead even her grandmother.”Thank you for saving me”(Little White Riding Hood) “you welcome”(woodcutter)

                                                                             THE END

By Alexandria.J