Monday, October 3, 2011

Warriors VS Manly Sea Eagles

This is going to be about the Manly Sea Eagles playing against Warriors.They played in in Sydney which is in Australia. The name of the stadium is ANZ stadium isn’t that funny.

James Maloney was the first person to get points on the score broad for the Warriors. It was by a penalty kick, because one of the Manly players hit a Warrior player in the head
with his elbow. But the Sea Eagles nearly got a try before the penalty but it wasn’t awarded.

George Rose is in the Manly Sea Eagles team, but he went one Report . It was because he hit Aaron Heremaia and now he has talk to the head leaders of the NRL.They will decide if he should be punished or let off with a warning.

Manly Sea Eagles won the game and the score was 24-10 .The Warriors played good, they should not be ashamed about loosing because it was awesome that they made it into the finals.

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