Monday, June 18, 2012

Kristan And Claude's Rugby Game

In weekends on Saturday I went to watch my two brothers play rugby.Kristan and Claude were playing against each other,De La Sell VS Dilworth Kristan said he was going to wear his predator boots to catch Claude.But when he jumped onto the field there was no action.He kept on telling Claude to run the ball up but he didn't.Some boys on the side line said to Kristan "Kristan smash Claude.Then changed there mind and said "Claude smash Kristan.

The score was 20 something to 0 De la sell lost.I was mocking Kristan, I said to him "Kristan what happen to your predator boots" and he said nothing. Then Claude said to him"how does it feel to lose on your home field and Kristan said"get away from me.

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