Monday, May 23, 2011

Technology Challenge

When Miss Ouano explained to us that we all will be doing a technology challenge , I was really excited.Also she said that we had to be in a group of three.

The challenge was to make something out of six pieces of new paper that would start from the table and finish on the floor like a bridge. Oh we had to use a small marble to roll it down your bridge , we had to have a curve bit on our bridge as well.

As me , Caroline and Vanessa started thinking about what we were going to do for our challenge, we all came up with different ideas. My idea was to make pipe, I had the same idea as Vanessa. Caroline’s idea was to make a cylinder shape pole and it was fantastic, so we went with her idea.

I felt that my group did a really good job because we all worked together and we never wasted any time. Also we all had something we could do ,we never frighted over anything and we didn’t care that it was ugly. We didn’t care if we lost at least we got the job done and had lots of fun.

If we had chance to do it again I wouldn’t make any changes . Because I liked the way it was before, if we made a new one it will be more harder. It is better to make the same one you made before so you can finish early so it will be easy and you will already know what your going to do .


  1. Well done Alexandria I see you were haveing a marble challenge you were acting very well and good I hope I was writing about it.

    Love by Caroline

  2. Excellent work! I love your good team spirit! Keep up the good work

    Miss Ouano : )


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