Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maths Question DLO

The question that I am doing is about fractions.I am going to have to find out who  has read the most pages in a book.Angela has 160 pages in her book and Olivia has 45 pages in her book so I have to find out who had read got the most.

So question number 1 Angela has 160 pages in her book and only has read 2/10 of her book? I know that I have to split 160 in 10 groups, which is 16 because 16x10 = 160. But I only want two groups so then I time 2 and 16 and that is 32 .So 32 is the answer for question number 1.

Now question number 2 Olivia has only read 3/5 of her 45 page book.I’ll use the same strategy that I used with the 1 question.There will be 9 groups because 9x5=45.But I only want 3 so 9x3=27.So the answer is 27

Which means that Angela has read more books than Olivia.

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  1. Great explanation Alexandria! It was incredibly easy for me to follow your thinking as you talked me through your strategy. Thanks for sharing!


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