Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Eqrthquake

My story is going to be about Christchurch earthquake.

On Tuesday Christchurch had an earthquake it was so bad that all of the building fall down and got people trapped inside. As they were trying to get there self out they could hear other’s crying. But people that survive was trying to help some other to get out.After that there rescuer came with help they mange to save lots of people that were in pain it was so heart breaking that some people’s love one had been badly in pain or was in a lot of injures.

After a few hours later it was starting to be dark,but the rescue were still looking for other people.
Soon there was a big dark gray cloud came by. Then it was staring to rain they the rescuer went to go and got a dog to help the rescuer find people that were still trapped.When they found some people that were helping were very happy.

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  1. Hello Alexandria,
    The details of your blog is very informative. I really hope that they were able to get everyone out alive.


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