Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hoilday high light

In the holiday on Christmas we had a BBQ at my Nana but when I went down the BBQ wasn’t cooked so I went to my auntie house and my cousin were watching TV. After that I went back to my Nana and the BBQ was cooked then me my mum and dad also my two brother and my Nana started to eat. Soon after my auntie came and she was holding a present in her hand for me. In my present was clothes there were short and a dress.After that my auntie said go and try out your new dress it from Samoa dress so I did but I didn’t like it and she said you look good. Then I went to play and Mary and Jessica were playing .Then we had to go inside to have ice-cream and cake.Later it starting to get dark so me and my mum had to go home and sleep.

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