Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote For The Best Intorduction.

After you have read my two amazing introduction please vote and tell me which one hooks you in the most. My first paragraph is going to be about going straight into a highlight , my second one is about my feeling.Vote for the best one in the comment at the bottom.
Yea I get to decorate the cake with lots of lollies for my little cousins birthday with my two cousins Mary and Jessica. Oh that right it was at my Nana's house. We can make it with jelly beans in different colours I said .

I feel novice decorating the cake at lease Mary and Jessica was there to help me, I had a little funny feeling inside me that we might get it wrong.But it turn out just perfectly fine . We can put other yummy lollies around the cake as well. Holy the cake looks delicious I wish that I could eat it right now ,but I can’t.


  1. Hi Alexandria,
    I have really enjoyed your movie about what you did in the holiday your animation was so cool that I couldn't stop watching it you have a really thought full paragraph I really enjoy paragraph 2.

  2. I am feeling a little confused by some of your spelling and punctuation. The mistakes are distracting me from what your are trying to tell me.
    The paragraph that hooks me in most, is the 2nd one because it is a little clearer.

  3. Hi Alexandria, you have got an amazing picture that you have done. Keep up the great work and I hope you will come on my blog and see it because I think you might find something interesting and awesome.

    From Dante Bartlett.


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