Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Make Over Courtyard Edition.

This is going to be about making room seventeens courtyard into a play area and what is our plan with our to make a play area .

1. Me and Jessica have chosen to add a basketball hoop in my courtyard plan.

We have decided to add a basketball hoop because our courtyard would be great to turn into a hard court area.

I have researched and found a picture of a basketball hoop that can stick to the ground , but it is suppose to stick on to the wall I don't know what the price is as well. I have to do some more research to find out what the price is.

2. Our second idea was to put concrete in the grass area.

We both have decided to make the grass concrete so we can have a picnic table there, it better than siting on the deck because one time I was really tired and wanted to go sleep not until I felt something in my arm and it was really sharp , it was right in my arm I had to pull it out but it was stinging so I really couldn't.

I have being doing some research on picnic tables with my buddy Jessica , we didn't find out what the price are on picnic tables so we have do some more researching.

3. Our third idea was to put a new drinking fountain in the courtyard.

We decided to put in a new drinking fountain because the old fountain in room seventeen courtyard is really ruined and is busted.

Me and my buddy haven't found the price of our drinking fountain so we are going to have to do some more research to find out what the price is , but Jessica found it that would great.

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