Friday, June 17, 2011

Partly Cloudy

This is my picture that I drew in tux paint.

Title , Partly Cloudy

The main characters are a stork and a shady black cloud .

This movie is set up in the sky.

It started when the stork's delivered the new born babies to their homes and families .

There was one stork that found it hard to deliver the new born babies that the black shady cloud created for him. The babies
were dangerous creatures and different to the other new born babies .

At the end of the movie the stork went to another cloud to get some amour, that was when the shady black cloud got angry and show angry face. The shady black cloud was thinking his stork was leaving him for another cloud, but the stork came with a bag of amour to protect himself from getting hurt even tought he was already hurt.

I rated this movie ten out of ten. I rated it ten out of ten because it was a really interesting and very funny movie, and there were also lots of cute new borns were created.


  1. Did the armour help? Did they become friends again in the end?
    I really like the way you paragraphed the beginning, middle and end on the story.

  2. The armour didn't help because the black shady cloud putted a electric eel in his arms and he got shocked,I think that he got hurt from the shock it looks like that the armour didn't work. They also became friends again at the end as well.


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