Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Version Of Cinderella

Once upon a time there was girl called Alex as her mom pasted away her dad Johnny he married a new lady called Susie.Susie had children of her own called Claudia and Kristina.One day Alex's dad past away that was when Susie started treating Alex really badly.Susie keeps on making Alex do all the chorus Alex new that she was more prettier than her mean step sisters.Every day Alex had to wake up at 6:00 to make breakfast for her mom and ugly step sisters.

The only clothes that Alex wears is a dress made of rages. Her only friend was a fluffy cat teddy bear she got from her mom when she was little.The only thing that Alex eats is the left over from what the mom and sisters eat. As Alex goes and lie down next to the ashes of the fire to get a little warmth tears starts to roll down her cheeks because she miss her mom and dad.As Alex was lieing near the ashes she was thinking of her being in a beautiful dress dancing with a handsome prince.

One day the door bell rang Alex went to answer the door it was a messenger from the Prince, Claudia and Kristina came down to look at the door as they heard that the were invited to a prince birthday party tomorrow.Claudia and Kristian started screaming with joyfulness as they ran up stairs to tell their mum "Here is some money go and get you the pretty dress"Susie says to Claudia and Kristina.When Alex went to her Step mum and asks"Can I please have some money to get me a dress" NO"her step mom says to her, go make your dress out of the things in the rubbish.

As Alex walks to the rubbish bin with her head down, she was surprised that there were pretty things in the bin there were put in the bin by her ugly step sisters.She took them out and started making her dress when she finished it was so beautiful.She goes and tried it on Alex look so pretty she looked like an princess, her step sister saw her in her pretty dress they were jealous. When Alex was sleeping Claudia and Kristina took Alex dress out of the closet and started to rip it into pieces when they were finished, they silently putted it back and ran back to there room.

Alex wakes up at six 'o'clock to make her mother and step sisters breakfast. On the day of the prince birthday she was so excited that she couldn't wait to meet the prince.She cleaned up her sisters room and moms and made there beds,moped the floors.Also did the dishes, water the plant and mow the lawn.It was time to get change for the prince birthday.As Alex walked to her closet and opens it she sees her dress riped into pieces, Alex starts to cry and her sister starts laughing at her which hurt her feeling even worse.

It was so sad for Alex watching her step sister and mom leaving to the prince birthday.She ran to her room and started crying as tears rolled down her cheeks, there was something sparkling beside her.When Alex looked beside her and there was standing an old lady holding a wand."Who are you"ask the Alex "I am your god mother"says the old lady."Do you want to go to the birthday party"Alex god mother says,"oh yes I really want to go to the party"says Alex.

"OK then stand up" she waved her wand and Alex was standing in most beautiful dress Alex has ever seen.Alex looked down at her feet and saw prettiest box shoes ever. "Now Alex go and get me a piece on metal" her god mother say.Alex comes back with a piece of metal she puts it down and watches her god mother wave her wand.A very flash scooter was standing in front of her she was so amazed that a little piece of metal turned into a cool scooter."WOW" Alex says.

As Alex getting on to her scooter her god mother says to her"Your beautiful dress and box shoes will turn back into the clothes you were wearing before"rages".So you better watch out, this will happen at midnight "be careful"O.K. god mother"says Alex.As she leaves for the princes birthday, When she get to the birthday she sees lots of ladies standing around something and that something was the prince. The prince called Chris was Alex and was amazed of her beaut.He went throw all the ladies and walked up to Alex "hi you look so beautiful"(says the prince)"Thank you"(says Alex)."Do want to go for a walk""oh yes please".

As they both talked and laughed Alex, two step sister were angry that they prince wasn't with them.It was nearly midnight and Alex was still with Chris.When they where walking she was a clock and saw that it was nearly midnight.She ran away from the prince she lost a box shoes and didn't stop for it because her dress will turn back to rages.She ran back home so that the mom would think that she was cleaning instead on being at the party.

When they got back they had an angry look on there face.Mostly Claudia and Kristina they were still angry about the the girl that hanged out with the prince and instead of them."What happen" asked Alex our party was dumb because of some girl that no one knew."If I find out who that girl was she better watch her back"(Claudia says)

The prince was really sad about mystery girl when is ran off, but he had a shoes that was the mystery girl, the girl he fell in love with on his birthday.He was searching for the girl that can fit the box shoes and if that person does fit the box shoes will be married by the prince.Every girl in town tried it on but it was to small.The was coming to where Alex lives.Her sister where excited so ran up stair and had shower and got into there best clothes.

Door bell ring, Susie goes and open the door "oh hi come in"Claudia and Kristina runs down to the prince "hi"they both say.Say they frighted over who is going to be first, they asked if the mom wanted to chose the mom picked Claudia to go first.She pushed and pushed into the box shoes but it was to small for her fat feet.It was time for Kristina turn to try on the box shoes again more pushing and pushing until she realized that they couldn't fit the box shoes.They were both angry.When Alex walked in the door the prince went to her can you try this on please "OK"it slipped on perfectly.The prince married Alex and they lived happy ever after.







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