Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Having Free Time

Chapter One

In the morning we had do do work sheets it was word finds.I worked together with Jessica and Makalita we keep on finishing fast because we help each other.We did word finds for the hole of morning tea time,as the bell rang we had to get our hats and morning tea.

After morning tea time we had free time on Maths Whizz or our animation.When I tried to go on to my animation it couldn't work so I went on to Maths Whizz.Me and Makalita keeps on challenging each other on Math Whizz and I mostly win it was so cool.We had free time on

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  1. Hello Alexandria! It's great that you, Jessica and Makalita all work together - that's a great way to learn! I like the keyboard in the picture you've drawn. It would be great if they made them that colourful in real life!


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