Monday, December 3, 2012

Year Seven Team Building

Last week on Thursday the 29th we had year seven team building while the year eight were at tech,also having fun.The teachers came up with this to see who would be a great prefect for next year.But who ever is a prefect didn't have to be good at sports.We were split up into groups and was given a task to do.We had to make a Christmas tree out of paper and the material that we were given.It was about  communication, participation and leader ship.

Every person did something excepts two people in our group they were wasting the new paper making anything.But we all worked together and got the job done.Each group had to present there Christmas tree  on a table and sing a Christmas song.I was really shy when it was our groups turn.After that we had morning tea I couldn't wait because we have another activity.

BARING BARING!! that was the second bell for morning tea all the year seven rushed to the street and lined up into our groups.It was a little bit raining but we still all made our way to the netball courts and saw Mr Brakes waiting for us.he gave us intrusions on what we had to do.Once we got ready to start Mr brakes explained it again just in case.I started to get irritated with him because he kept on talking.

Finally we could start"on your mark get set go"everybody holding hands running to the hula hoop.We had to get through the hula hoop without  letting go of each other hands.getting thorough making our way to get our martial.Which was a piece of tape and news paper.Four people had to repeat the process to get more equipment.

We had to make a ball that would be stable to shoot  in a sling shot.Three people from your group was with the sling shot and the others had to go out and catch the paper ball. It was really hard because it was raining.You had to catch  the paper ball three times to get three balloon and when you have all three balloon your group had to sit in a line with there hands on there heads.

We had to do it again but just to get tape.We got our three balloon really easily.I had so much fun doing the year seven team building. I hope we get to do it again even we might not.

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  1. Hi Alexandria,
    I like your writing about the Year Seven Team Building. Your writing is cool as you but I think you need to put spaced after your full stop.


    From Caroline Room 21


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