Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day two in Australia

On the second morning we had to wake up around some point  six in the morning.To get ready for a morning session.Then leave at 8:30, we would always be the first church inside the hall.There were fans inside the hall because it will start to get a bit hot.After a lot of preaching about the bible. We would have breakfasts outside.The funny thing is that the food looks really nice, but you eat it and some taste DISGUSTING!!! no offence.

When breakfast finished we had to walk back to the hall. Then listen to more talking for about ten minutes and the morning session will be over.But we had to go back at 6:30 pm for a youth rally.There was always different kind of cultures hosting the youth rally.Its a great thing for making new friends and learning about there culture. 

 We got back to the resort and it would be around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.Some people went straight to the swimming pool , instead of having some rest. Time moves slow which gives them more time to swim.But when it was time to go the people that were swimming were tired.Also during the youth rally they fell asleep.Every time someone goes up.Starts talking and takes for long I always get angry.When the rally finish's we have diner.

The food at diner time is much better than breakfast.There was butter chicken and other nice stuff.We got back to the resort at 11 'o' clock because after when everybody finish eating. There was talking again which was boring.The experience I get from this is that learning new ideas from different nationality and also seeing the respect of other cultures.

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  1. I hope you can keep in touch with your new friends when you are back home. Hopefully they have blogs. So much talking! I hope you got to swim and relax too, especially when it was very hot. Did you share about your culture?


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