Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going To Australia With The Youth Group/ Day One

The plane zoomed down the runway. As my mum gripped my hand tightly as the plane lifted into the air. It was my first time on a plane, but I wasn't scared  instead I was really excited. After a few hours it all changed I started getting a headache and was hungry.Then I realized that this trip was going to take 3 hours to get to our destination.(Brisbane Australia)

A few minutes pass and two laddies Came down the ails pushing a trolley selling snack. Boy I was so excited when my mum bought me something to drink and also to eat.Seeing land out of the window made me so happy that  that the long plane ride was over.I could feel the plane moving down slowly.Then the plane started turning to make the runway. As we were turning the wing looked like it was going to touch the water. When I looked out the window again we were on the runway.
I was really tried when we were making our way to collect our baggage.But was stopped by a man, he said that we had to check our passports first before we collect our baggage.Also This girl was taking photo in the airport and the security guard told her that she wasn't allowed to take photo. He said that she had to delete it and stood next to her to make sure that she did.

Brisbane " what a city". what a beautiful sunny weather but it is too hot for me and everyone else who was in a group. there are some friendly faces and not so friendly faces as well. any how " I am not going to let this damper my holiday. Look out Brisbane here I come, New Zealand style


  1. Well Alexandria you must of had lots of fun there at Australia in Brisbane. It sounds alot of fun going to Australia but I hope you liked the food there because when I went to Austrailia I never liked the food there because I think that New Zealand number one for food hahaha.

  2. Happy New Year! It makes the teachers at Pt England School very happy to see you posting on your blog during the holidays. Well done.

    See you back at school on February the 4th.

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays and keep updating us on what you have been doing.


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