Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Bio Poem

Energetics,happy,sporty,hard worker.
Daughter of Johnny Evesoni and sister of Kristan and Claude.
Lover of dogs,drawing,video games and family.
Who feels happy when playing,sad when someone past.Also angry when getting into trouble.
Who has been to Brisbane Australia and went to gold coast.
Who needs more sleep to grow taller.
Who fears huge spiders,sharks and scary movies, ghosts most of all.
Who would someday like to see Jesus
Auckland Glen Innes Rowena


  1. Nice work Alexandria, the adjectives you choose describe you so very accurately and your fears are nearly the same as mine! I really hate watching horror movies too.
    You've made a great start to the year, keep leading by example Alexandria.

  2. Hello Alexandria,

    I could see that you have worked hard during class time. This post sounds awesome and cool. I hope you keep up the great work.


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