Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trip To The Moon

5 4 3 2 1 Blast off.The rocket lifted into the sky leaving the earth's orbit and entering SPACE!!.Suddenly there was a comet coming straight into us. Ahhh all the crew  screamed in fear.Just in time the pilot moved us out of the direction of death.Great work pilot Jessica,said captain Serena.

A few hours later in space our detector sensed that there was another spacecraft near us Shrivers creeped down my spine thinking that it might be ALIENS?.The spacecraft kept moving in closer and closer.

Then we started getting lasers fired at us.ALIENS I shrieked out then I drop onto my knees curled into a ball and started. Crying out “ I'm too young to die”(Repeatedly).”That why you always carry guns because you never know what in space”(Pilot Jessica).She turned our spacecraft into the direction of the Aliens spacecraft .Which had pitched black window so we couldn't tell.

We started shooting each other.One of there lasers went through our window and shot captain Serena's arm off.She fell down and screamed in pain. I ran for the emergency First Aid pack chucked it on a bench, then I went to pick Serena up and sat her on the bench.Blood dripping all over the bench.I stitched her arm up and wrapped a bandage to stop the blood.

“You need to have some rest captain”she laid down and took a nap.”How is everything going pilot”.(Me)”not so good we are about to run out of gas and we were nearly to our destination the moon”(Jessica).”Then we just have to get out of this place and make to our destination.Or we’ll be stuck here forever and never be able to refill and make it back to Earth.(Jessica)

“Then we just have to try make it to the moon”.(Jessica)We zoomed past the Aliens ship and just in time before our gas ran out we made a rough landing.Making a quick refill and then lifted into air and started making our way back to earth.The same spacecraft started attacking us again.
But this time it was our  turn  we spun around and started firing and watched there ship burn.We speed past them,then got a fright from a loud boom.We didn't take any chances we kept moving at a high speed to our home planet.We got back rushed out of the spacecraft and warned the everybody about what happened they wouldn't believe us.THE END

This is my story about the trip to the moon you could tell that it wasn’t so great, how was yours?

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