Monday, June 24, 2013

What Is Iron And Why Do We Need It

Today with Mrs Langitupu we had to research about a type of Question that we can explain to the class. Me, Mary V, Roezala, decided to do a question about Iron. We did a poster to explain what Iron means. 

Here are the things that are on the poster.

In the first bar it is talking about what is Iron.
Iron is a mineral needed in your body.It also carries oxygen from our lungs thought our body.

In the second bar its talking about having lees Iron.We need Iron to prevent Iron deficiency anaemia. IDA is cause by having little Iron in your blood. A child with anaemia may have a hard concentrating at school. 

In the third bar it is talking about what types of food Iron is in.
It is important to eat your vegetables and your meat because they are full of Iron.Which helps your body function.

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