Monday, July 8, 2013

Prospective Student

The boy was dangling on a steep cliff, with a weak grip. He only had determination on his side. As he reached the top he was exhausted, but was relieved that all of his efforts paid off.

Wiping the sweat off his fore head he then made his way up the hill. The boy was so relieved he looked high up at the gigantic doors and  knocked twice. A tall master came out.

The student waited anxiously for a response from the master. He was really nervous to see if he was going to make it in.But then the master pointed to the side.The students spirit was crushed his shoulder and head dropped in despair.

He took a deep breath and started wondering if  he had to prove himself. Then he started meditating outside of the door for one whole  day and night.When he came to open his eyes he saw the master standing in front of him.

The student thought that it would please the master.But instead he got the same response as before. The student turned to walk away.But his emotions changed into total rage to get revenge on the master.He kicked down the door  and showed the master that he wanted to fight him.The master saw rage in his eyes. The master didn't do anything but just pointed to the side.

The boy finally looked to the side and realised that he had to use the side entrance, he was really embarrassed.

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