Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection Alexandria.J 2013

The  things about having a Netbook is being able to complete my tasks on time. My Netbook has made my learning improve and more fun to do.

With Google Drive we able to be creative with our learning using, Google presentation, Documents and heaps more. Skills that I have developed this year with my Netbook are maths strategies and basics facts from Maths Whizz , Xtra Math and Teachers Tool that we do daily. My Netbook is a great learning tool it has helped me to accelerate my learning and achieve my goals throughout the year at Pt England School. It provides me with  the opportunity to  research specific information that is related to the topics that I am doing.

The disadvantage that this Netbook has is when it sometimes starts to freeze.

Overall, with my Netbook learning has become much easier to do and share global.

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