Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Year 8 Camp Reflection 2013

The year eights went to Keswick for camp in Rotorua. I don't have that much good highlights about camp because it was mostly boring. On the first day of camp we went to the camp ground and played on the park and trampoline there.It was the most fun thing that I we did on the first day. We also went for a run in the mountains which trying hard and build ups.

Waking up at 6 in the morning was annoying.We then had to do running at 7am, before breakfast. During breakfast we got to make sandwiches for lunch. We then hoped onto the bus and went to see the only active geyser in New Zealand. It was cool watching it erupt, but the only thing that recked it was the smell that it released.

After that we went to a sheep show and got to meet some of the best sheep that came from all over the world.We even got to see a sheep getting its wool shaved off, also a big cow getting milked. When the show was finished we went into the nursery and was baby animals.We even got to feed them and hold them. We couldn't do any of the other activities because of the weather.So we went back to the camp grounds and had lunch there.

The next day we went to blue and green lake. It was raining which made the trip even worst.We had to walk all the way over to the other side of the lake.It was the annoying and tiring walking ever.The walk took about one hour for us.It was really slippery and dirty.We finally made it to where the bus was. People got to swim but I decided to stay in the bus, to try and get warm.

When they finished swimming we went back to camp.AFter that the teachers made a plan for us to go to the pool which costed $2. Mrs Nua used her debit card to pay us in.It was really cool at the pools in the beginning  I played touch in the shallow pool I had heaps of fun.Then i went to the big pool which was mega deep.  BUt the fun thing was that we got to bomb in the pool.

When we finished swimming we went back to camp and practiced the prize giving dance.After that we had dinner and then went to bed. On our last day of camp we had to pack up our stuff and clean up our cabins. When we finished we hoped onto the bus and made our trip back home. Finally after a long trip we got to school, as i got out of the bus I was my brother claude. I go my bag then started making my way home.

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