Thursday, September 29, 2011

AFL Coaching.

Isn't AFL an Australian game?I was Intrigued when
I heard there were Aussie Rules coaches,coming
in to teach us how to play.We are kiwi kids!

The first technique we had to master was the drop punt,
in Aussie Rule coaching.Then we got up to playing a game and our teachers were our targets.”I am going to get you Miss Garden” but I didn’t manage to hit her with the ball.

As we were mastering the hand pass technique, It was really painful hitting the ball to our partner. Because we had hit it hard to get to were our partner is standing.Ouch my hand is sore!

The last technique was the high mark.It means if you catch it on a full, no one is allowed to tackle you or touch you.It is good thing if you are next to the goal post, because you can get a point for you team.” It not as easy as it looks” I thought to my self .

I’m looking forward to putting all these skills into practice, when we get to play a real game of AFL next week.

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  1. You have done so well grouping sentences into paragraphs. Each time you kept to the paragraph topic, well done.
    I like the the variety of sentences you have used too.
    You looked as if you were getting the hang of the game out there today - an AFL star!


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