Monday, September 12, 2011

Rugby World Ceremony

On Friday the 9th, they was a huge celebration to start the rugby world cup.It was so cool that people was able to watch it on TV live.There was a lot of people in town, that there was hardly no space to move around.

For my trip to town, I caught the bus to Britomart, and I was in the same bus as shoal and Jasmin.One time this man and his wife or his girlfriend showed their rugby ticket and they were supposed to get a free bus ride but he didn’t. We stopped at the next bus stop to pick up more people, they showed their rugby ticket and they did get a free ride because my mum said that to bus driver if you have a rugby ticket you get a free bus ride.

In town,me my mum and dad where struggling to get threw the massive crowd. When we found a spot to watch the big screen I was to small to see it so my dad had to put me on his shoulder .I saw lots of people dressed in red and white and also black and white.

Although the city struggled with the huge crowds, most people agreed that the opening ceremony was a huge success.

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