Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rugby World Cup Begins ALL BLACK v TONGA

This is going to be about the ALL BLACK Vs TONGA.

Tomorrow Friday the 9th the rugby world cup will begin the ALL BLACK and the TONGAN team will be playing .My prediction is that Tonga is going to win by 38,22 I can't wait to see there haka it is going to be so cool to watch them. I hope that they are going to do it at the same like they did before it is like they are having a challenge at doing the haka, that will be my favorite part .I want Tonga to hammer the All Blacks.

Who do you think is going to win out of the Tonga and the All Blacks?

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  1. Hello Alexandria that was so cool watching all-blacks vs Tonga I liked your writing you have done a great job that was so cool who did you go for? You know who I went for I went for all-blacks but before I went for Tonga. That was a great story well done keep it up and I can't wait for another story to read. Mary I


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