Friday, January 20, 2012

Cleaning With My Mum/19/01/2012

Yesterday I cleaned the house with my mum,it was supposed to be my two brothers job Kristan and Claude.But when me and my mum came back from doing the washing at my nana lome house .More likely my mum did the washing,anyhow the house wasn't clean.So me and my mum cleaned the house.Kristan and Claude did not help, when it was supposed to be there job they did not help at all.Claude was gone and Kristan just did nothing.

I vacumed, picked up the rubbish, wiped the bench and stove in the kitcen.My mum did the dishs.Aslo I had to pick up my baby dog little poo, or it could be my two cats .When me and my mum were finish we both washed our cute and durty dog max. after all this i thought my mum would let me go and have a little play. no she did not. my mum told me to go and do some reading which i did for and hour and a half.

tommorrow is a new day, who knows what would happen.

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