Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas day

On christmas day I went to church there was lots of talking at church, my brother claude came to church with me and my cousin and nana. I left church early with my mum and dad also claude to.
when we got home my brother kristan was playing on my pes3 morden wofare 3 he had to turn it off because of my dad said.For my present I got a PES 3 and mw3 game I was so happy when I got a PES 3 and a MW3 game .


  1. Hi Alexandria, I am happy to see you posting again. I laughed to see you got a PES3. You must be missing school! Though I expect you meant a PS3 :)

    It will be good to use on these rainy days

    1. I must of got it wrong Mrs Burt I can't wait to find out what class I am in aslo I did not come to school on the last day.


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