Monday, January 2, 2012

What I Did On The First Of january 2012

Today is the frist of 2012 which is January the 1st, Me and my family had a Bar Bar Que I had so much fun today.I played on the tramp most of my family was here my cousin Lewis and his family was here with us doing a BBQ.My little cousin that was one and a half jump on the tramp when he was jumping he keeps on falling down, oh the tramp was my cousin Mary and Jessica.The thing that they are cooking on the BBQ is chicken, steak, meat patties, onion I think that is all.The BBQ is finish and my nana Lome starts doing the payer of the food she is now finish doing the prayer and we all start eating.I only had taro and two pattie.I was eating Niue taro it is nice and sweet , but not sweet like sugar lollies.

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